Life’s Little updates.

Life has been kind of nutty.  Not bad, but really really busy.

Of course by now you have all heard about this very upsetting Fungal meningitis outbreak.

Luckily where I work, we did not use this company for products.  So, we are not having to deal with the massive recall of ALL products, or of having to inform everyone who may have gotten any product from this company.  The company compounded all sorts of stuff, some of it even if it was contaminated, would not have been a really big issue, but you know…it’s kind of crazy.

About 50% of my days last week were dedicated to trying to track people affected, and get them reported to the State Department of Health, so that they can track them over time.  The scary thing is that fungus does not just hang out where it is injected, it invades tissue and can grow pretty silently and cause all sorts of issues much much later.

I think when this all gets sorted out it will change things dramatically for the industry.  hopefully it makes things safer.

Influenza Vaccine season goes on. We reached about 60% last week, which is great for a hospital without any mandatory requirements.  At many hospitals they  now require unvaccinated people to wear a mask at work for flu season.


I go out to Indianapolis late this week for a BIG class on Infection Prevention!  I am pretty excited about the class.  I am un-excited about the travel.  Travel is always a beast.  And it is in my last week of very much increased training, so there is a bit of a fear that the hotel gym will not be up to standard…or that the Pool they claim to have will not be appropriate.


Yup it’s cute, shaped just like an organ (Kidney!)  not for lap swimming, nor for treading water because it is probably 4 feet deep.

But I was reminded by my new trainer/coach person…I DO have a JOB, and training is thankfully not my job!  So, Job first. I have been rearranging things to fit this week it’s a bit difficult.

After that, I head out to Raleigh Durham at the end of that week.  My Poor Teulu is going to go to Doggie Camp more than I’d like.

In Raleigh I will be running the OLD Reliable…a 10K that is part of a Marathon and Half Marathon weekend.  Originally I was to run the half, but, After my unpleasant race, I pulled back. Currently I feel like I could run a half in 2 weeks, but I know it would be a struggle, and I feel much much better about doing the 10K.  It IS a long way to go for a 10K.  but I am also going for an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party.

Which should be fun.  I’m worried that people won’t come or “something”

I’ve gotten tons of donations- crayons, pens, pencils.  I just went and bought all these


For some boxes.  It’s going to be a fun time.  And when I get back…It’s going to be time to really focus because so much is going on…

After that I run a Half Marathon on December 1st, which I also will not be really ready for, but I decided to just go for it a little.  i’ve been pushing back and pushing back so that I have time to train, and It was starting to be a situation where I think I had gotten so comfortable pushing back that I need to just run the race and not worry about it.

New Coaching seems to be working out well for me.  Not so sure how He feels about it, but it’s working for me.  I am getting a lot stronger, running is a lot more fun again…   He is very direct and easy to work with.  I get really nervous all the time, but that is just me.  He has not got a huge sense of humor, which is kind of strange, and has taken some getting used to.  So getting stronger, lost a little weight, I think, and I am running faster…Set a new PR 2 weeks ago by accident… I keep wondering when the “magic” will wear off.  Working with him does not actually feel magical.  I kind of feel nauseous a lot, or kind of confused…But I just do what is on the paper, I don’t question it, and I do seem to be getting some small returns…so we’ll see…

So Life is Good.  I am a little wee bit tired, and not so focused on creating a nice blog post.

AND I am STILL cleaning up shards of that corelle dish Yes, that is a gift that goes on. and on.  they flew into the oddest places.


2 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates.

  1. Those rings are adorable! I wouldn’t mind getting one of those for myself—those are lucky kids who get to open your boxes.

    I’ve always thought hotel gyms and swimming pools are kind of a joke. There’s hardly any equipment in most of the exercise rooms that I’ve seen, and the pools are often geared towards families or people who just want to sit next to the pool while they tan or drink. Then that brings us to the kind of people who use hotel pools: the one indoor pool that really looked like it was worth swimming in was at a hotel in Washington state, but it was overrun with drunk college students on their way to some football game. I took one glance at the screaming mob cannonballing into the pool, and said “Nah.” Not much relaxation there.

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