Travel travel travel blues

Wow, I guess I have become a real homebody.

I have to fly out to Indianapolis tomorrow.  I return Tuesday…and then Fly out to Raleigh on Friday night.

I’m totally freaked out at this point.

today I spent about 90% of my day attempting to do a 12 mile long run.  It rained.  I was exhausted.  It was a terrible day for this workout.  Given a different schedule, I would have not had this run to do.  I would have had a piddly little 3 miler.

I ended up with about 8 miles.  On a treadmill.  UGH. For the gory details click here.

Now, of course there is this mad rush to pack and CLEAN the HOUSE…after all if I die in a firey airplane crash, I would hate for anyone to discover that I am really a slob.

I do not know how anyone stays fit and trains for a big race on a travel schedule.  The 3 milers are doable, but this Long run…well….

I am blessed that I have a job that I am apparently OK at, and that they are willing to send me to far away places so that I can learn more.

I just wish it was during the week….


6 thoughts on “Travel travel travel blues

  1. I thought I was the only person who cleaned house before a trip! My mother used to say the same thing: what if we get killed in a car accident, and a bunch of strangers come to our house to inspect it? What will they think of us? Which begs the more obvious questions, why should we care if we’re dead, and shouldn’t we be more worried about being killed in an accident? Is there something you know about this journey that we don’t, Mom? 😀

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