Wow Time has of course flown.

I’d like to have been able to comment on everyone’s very interesting, entertaining, sometimes heartbreaking writing, but I really have not had the time.

I went to Indianapolis.  The class in and of itself was good, on the last 2 days.  The first day they reviewed “diseases of interest to Infection Preventionists”  well.  I did not need to fly to cold Indiana to get a lecture on Pertussis.

Of course, after the class I went home with all sorts of questions in my mind and also concerns for how to implement everything.  I was also pretty tired.  Lucky for me on the plan was a taper week, and I blew into town on Tuesday, only to fly out again on Friday night.


Yeah not me.

I had a good race in Raleigh.  We had a lack lustre packing party for Operation Christmas Child.  In retrospect, I question hosting a party with the particular person I did.  He really did not do much to get the word out, and also didn’t seem too upset when essentially no one came.  I packed several boxes and then just kind of left everything with him.  I have high hopes that the boxes get delivered to the drop off point.  I was very disappointed in the turn out, but after seeing this persons involvement in the community, I realized that this was just kind of an error.  The idea of getting others involved is important to the shoe box drives success.  The more people that share in the joy of creating a simple gift, the more love is created and shared in the world.  Ah well, enough frustration.

The Race was good.   If you click there, you will see a race report, which is a bit lackluster as well.

Soooo.  part of my frustration about the party is that I took the very last plane out of Raleigh that night, so I could be at the party and welcome PEOPLE. Not sit and stare at one person.  I got home at about 2 am on Monday morning.  While in transit I got am email from my coach detailing Monday’s workout, which was no joke.  an hour swim workout and a 2 mile run.  I went to work at 8 am. Left at 3:30, grabbed the poor dog form the vet, and hit the pool.  I was miserable.

Tuesday I had a strength workout with the coach and I thought I might pass on.  Lucky me, he was really nice about my tiredness.  I confessed my late arrival and the trouble I had with the workout, and he kind of looked at me and said, you know you could have modified.

Its Sunday and I am just now feeling like I might be recovered from the travel.  Now if I had some time….


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Travelling really takes it out of me too, even when the schedule isn’t packed the mere act of travelling is quite draining. Hope you feel fresher and more rested this week coming!

  2. Oh jeez, that’s a shame about the shoebox-packing party. If I were you, I’d go back and make sure that guy actually shipped the boxes to their rightful destination. We have a similar problem on our library board with this one guy who can barely be bothered to show up at the meetings, let alone volunteer for the activities. On the rare occasions when we’ve asked him to do things for the library, he never follows through. I once hounded him, both over the phone and through email to finish one task he and I were assigned to do. He finally did it, only because I began leaving messages with his wife, who got sick of my calling their house over and over again.But I hate it when people don’t follow through on a promise. It doesn’t just disappoint you, it lets down the whole community or organization you’re volunteering for.

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