On the Taper….

Well,  I’ve been on a Taper now for about 2 weeks.  It’s unique for me to taper this long, and in fact, kind of unique in the running world….Most people talk about a taper week….  When I saw the schedule back in November, I was totally not thrilled.  I had sent my Coach an email asking if I could just avoid the taper altogether, as I am not ideally trained for this race anyway, and had been considering dropping it.  He sent me one back, telling me to drink Kool Aide.  Specifically, “the” Kool Aide.

I’d like to say we argued, but in reality I kind of made some feeble protests, and he kind of shut me down.   As yukky as the 2 week taper thing is…he has teased out several rather fine results from my broken down body….so I gotta just do what is on the paper.  I’m really lucky to have him, I think.

I do feel kind of cranky and weird. My legs have started to feel super blocky and not very light.  And Of course, I feel kind of impatient with the world.  All that extra energy that I would normally put into the Pool, Trail, or the weight room is just swirling about.  While I feel sluggish, I am also noting a kind of Twitchiness….

So what to do on a taper?

1. Do not have any serious conversations.  You may regret them later.  This is generally not the time to make life decisions, like about Job Changes, Relationship Changes, or Financial Changes.  Odd thing is that, you are going to have a lot of time to think about these things- so you might be tempted to make some changes.  Don’t do it.  Think about it. Maybe talk to someone who understands the Taper moment, but Don’t jump the Gun…

2. Don’t add in “little workouts”.  We have all been tempted to add in a little more here and there.  After all it won’t hurt, it will feel good, and our body needs some activity…right?   Do whats on the plan…that’s why you started with it in the first place, right?

3. Do find some things to do that you had not had time for.  Go to the Movies, go to an Art exhibit, Go paint plates at the Pottery painting place…It’s a great time to make up for things you may have missed due to your training schedule.

4. Don’t substitute other activity for the lack of workouts.  I Struggle with this and admit that during this taper week, I am guilty of both Deep Cleaning the Home, and taking the dog out for a wonderful Glorious hike through the woods… Neither sounds particularly stressful, but the scrubbing of floors worked up quite a sweat and the dog walk also included lots of navigation of roots/rocks and such.  It really wasn’t Rest.  Nothing wrong with getting some Cleaning and Doggie time in, but I could have used the swiffer, and probably the dog would have been just as happy with a 2 hour Fetch festival where I say in a chair, rather than chased up and down the hills at our local state park.

5. Do Plan an activity or two for Taper week.  For me this coming week, I will be preparing the Christmas Cards. I do love to do this, and I have not really had a lot of time.  So I am looking forward to an evening of popcorn, coffee or cocoa, The Grinch, and Resting.

I can’t say this has been the most fun 2 weeks I’ve ever had.  It’s been kind of stressful.  I have not painted any ceramics YET. But I’ve made a handy dandy list over on my training blog….


4 thoughts on “On the Taper….

  1. I’m baffled, since I always thought one is supposed to load up on carbs and stretch and warm up a lot before a race. At least, that’s what TV and the movies lead you to believe. 😉 So you can’t even go for a walk or a swim?

    The mental part, where you shouldn’t make any big decisions or changes prior to a race, I get. I think back upon the times where I had an argument with a co-worker or family member or had to rearrange some part of my life, and how it disrupted my focus from a larger task at hand. It’s really hard to keep your mind on the present moment when you’re still upset or stirred up about an incident, however long ago it was.

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