A short commentary on the Situation In Connecticut….

I was quite busy at work on Friday.  Our Secretary who is never busy enough was talking about a school shooting, and I admit, I ignored it.  A few others brought it up and as I was running around investigating Cryptosporidium, I began to be aware that this was something serious.

I proceeded to do my run, which was one of my least favorite workouts, and do a bit of shopping…and then got home to turn on the TV which was turned on to the news.  Wow.  Terrible.

Then as I traversed through FaceBook, I saw of course reactions from so many different people.  In a situation like this it’s hard to know what to do, think, feel. I saw pleas for better mental health care services, better Gun control, less gun control (some people felt the teachers should have been armed.), reminders to hug your own children….

What I don’t see is anyone really saying… “Wow what a tragedy…what can I do to take steps to prevent this”

So of course I posted this one from Ghandi



I actually think better mental health services in the United States is a great idea.  I also happen to think increased gun control is a good idea.  I do not understand why any average person needs an assault rifle.  I also think that if we, as individuals, actually looked past ourselves just a tiny bit more…we could create some change that we want to see.

Most of the time these shooters are described by neighbors, co-workers, etc, as Odd, or unapproachable, a loner, etc.    It makes me kind of wonder, did any of these neighbors, etc, ever REALLY take the time to get to know that person slightly better…not become BFF’s but to just show a slight interest.  People matter.  Things they do and say matter.  It’s when people are repeatedly dismissed, and pushed down into “not mattering” that they seem to take some drastic actions.

I wish I could have seen more people on Facebook yesterday saying, “I’m going to work for better gun control”  or “I’m going to volunteer at my local mental health facility”  etc…rather than pointing a finger and saying “We need this”.

Even more so, I wish they would take that opportunity to reach out to people who are So obviously hurting…and those who might not show it, and just be NICE.

As a reminder, everyone can be great.  All we must do is serve each other….


SO what am I doing?  I’m going to brave Target once again today, and buy up some toys to make someone’s holiday brighter.  Really High demand toys- some of the DVD’s and CD’s most asked for by the older kids on those “donations Xmas trees” (We have them here for the Boy’s ranch which is essentially an orphanage).  Why?  because I want those children, especially those getting older to know that they matter.  What they do matters, what they think and say matters…and that they are worth  more than just whatever was on sale…They deserve to get the things they want in life, just as much as everyone else does.

My heart breaks for these families.  And so instead of just telling everyone on Facebook how upsetting this is, I’m going to take one small action…in honor of these children.



2 thoughts on “A short commentary on the Situation In Connecticut….

  1. Yes! Good for you! I hear a lot of people saying “something needs to be done,” but they don’t know what or how. But simply reaching out to a child and letting them know they matter is important. A lot of kids don’t receive this at home, which is why a teacher, a librarian, or even complete strangers can mean so much to them.

    Today our library had a holiday open house, and we had lots of kids come in to get a cookie from our treats table. We also had a number of them come into our little used-book store, where they got a free book today. The volunteers, many of them grandparents, do so much to make those kids feel welcome. I hope these kids will someday remember the library as a place where they felt appreciated.

  2. Love this, Holly. I’m feeling much of the same things. My goal for the new year (and all the following ones) is to be kinder and to walk in peace. Merry Christmas!!

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