New Year…again!

As I age, time moves so quickly.  Once year seems to race into the next.

2011 was a really difficult year with my hip surgery, and recovery.

2012 was a good one for me, with a return to running, a new coach, a new job, and lots of new friends.   Possibly because of that, I also feel ready for a new adventure!

I wonder what I will be thinking doing by the end of next year. I have a lot of goals, but we shall see how they all work out.

So what’s on your list????



406565_10150255712954999_95106362_nI have some time goals this year.

I want to run a half in under two hours:  I have two golden opportunities.  The first is in April, the second in July.  The April course is the one I want to do it on, because it’s merely flat.  The July course has about 8 miles downhill So a PR there will be nice, but it might feel like cheating.  A PR at both would be the ultimate.

I want to run a Decent Marathon: I have ONE opportunity only, but it’s glittery golden, in that this fantastic, wonderful, funny, and talented person is willing to pace me in. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.  I’m thinking it would be nice to run somewhere in the 4 hr 20 min range, but…I would not cry if I ran a 4:40 either, or a 4 hr flat.  Bit nervous about being paced, since I’m just not sure how I will be at the tail end of a Marathon, the last one I did, I was AWFUL, but that was because I knew I was SO off my time goal, and I was angry at myself.  So, who knows.

I want to run some trail races:  My coach is sort of pushing the trail on me, or so he thinks.  I’ve been DREAMING of spending some time on trail, but I have been hesitant because really a person has to be in much better shape to run a good trail race..compared to a road race.  The trail events are always more fun, more beautiful and less full of the Matchy matchy set that I dislike…

Diva 5K Run 2011 001And, yep I stole this from another blog  I like the blog a lot actually, But I’m not real fond of the whole matchy phenomenon. Though if you do go to this nice person’s blog you’ll find it was for a Mom/Daughter thing which makes it totally 100% acceptable.  I’ve been known to show up at races wearing a purple cap, blue skirt and a red shirt.with two separate style socks, I probably should give more care.  But the coach feels I’d like the “trail scene” (Whatever that is)  better than the road race scene.  We’ll see.  I have some road racing in me I am sure.

I want to trust the process more: 522391_461892440516135_110047995_n

I’ve been working with my coach since September.  It’s been wildly successful for my results.  I respect him greatly, and admire him, but I still tend to question a lot unnecessarily.      At our last meeting in mid December,  we seemed to have come to a further understanding of each other, and our communication seems to have improved to the point where both of us seem more comfortable with each other.  For whatever reason it can be awkward at times, but I am starting to see that fade away and communication from him is more easily understood, and probably on his end, I am telling him things that make more sense than before too.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Sometimes I get all emotional and think about how he saved my running…kind of true, kind of an exaggeration, as I was running before he started helping me, but…TRUE that I am now having loads of fun and really enjoying the running so much more.  So…who knows.  Good to be grateful.  I’ll be working on eliminating some of the Stubborn-ness. We’ll see how that goes.  I know I am not a total joy to work with, but…he seems to have my number and find 90% of my fussiness amusing…it’s the 10% that is irritating that I need to eliminate.

Job:  I changed jobs in April.  It has been a very difficult transition.  I almost quit entirely a few weeks ago.  In my old position, I worked 3 twelve hour shifts weekly, and did not have any “take home work”.  New Position:  8 hr days 5 days a week.  Lots of take home reading, and a lot of people looking for answers and results.  It really is a lot more pressure, and stress.  My vacation at home made things much better.  I do think by next year at this time, I will either be feeling fairly comfortable, or be back at my old job.

So goal for this year is to get through it and be ready to take the Certification Exam in Infection Prevention.  Having the Certification will make me Mobile, so if for whatever reason, I need to, decide to, want to move out of Florida, I can very easily.  I can still most likely obtain a job in an Emergency Department, but…I love having options.  Heck I might just learn to be a Dialysis Nurse, just to see what that’s like.  So goal may be to LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT.

Home:  SIlly goal.  I want to keep my home SPARKLING CLEAN.

72620612711926573_ZSEIffLt_bBy nature I am a but sloppy.  I find though when my home is organized and clean I function much better.  It’s also easier to keep clean when one cleans regularly, instead of going on a rampage right before guests come.  I started this in 2012 with Moderate success.  2013- I hope will be a rousing success!!!  I’ve found a ton of interesting tips on repelling Dog hair on Pinterest, so I am going to give them a try on the baseboards.

Personal:  Zip it!  I’ve lived here a long time  now and so many of my acquaintances and friends are starting to overlap.  I have a lot of opinions about things and people.  Many are unfounded.  If someone found that I felt a certain way, or said something, they would not be thrilled.  So…for 2013, Zipping it.  entirely.  No opinions on anyone’s love life, running life, swimming ability, job choices.  I have not gotten into trouble with this yet, but…I keep feeling like, “Wow…if so and so knew you really felt like XYZ” she would never talk to you again….SOOOO….Zipping it.  Most of these opinions I think are usually just to make ME feel better about ME and the choices I make.

Prime example.  Lots of people around me love to race.  They sign up for a bunch during the season.  I never do this.  It is too stressful, expensive, and in the end usually produces some sort of injury.  I have been kind of snotty about it.  saying, “The medals aren’t for me…I don’t want to race that much, blah blah blah”  All that is true. I am not a huge fan of the medal, and I actually prefer just running to races.  But behind it was me also saying, “I don’t need a medal to run, (SNOOTY), and I’m “above” finisher medals.  Realizing that I was being bitchy…brought me to a realization that while it’s ok that I don’t care about medals buttons bows etc…lots of people love them, and it sure doesn’t make them lesser runners…just different ones…So Zipping it. ZIpping it.  This one may be the hardest for me to keep…I have a few friends I like to chatter with, and I’m going to stop it.  Here’s to an opinion free New Year.


Main thing I hope to achieve in 2013 is Balance, between work and working out, play and learning, etc…. we’ll see how it goes.  January one has not been too bad so far…


Here I am after our Central Florida 5K Klub run fooling around…

and here I am looking vaguely normal… Or as normal as I get.  Never have been one for photos in the car, but we forgot to take one as a group….IMG_0162

2 thoughts on “New Year…again!

  1. So THAT’S what you look like! Cute! And happy-looking!

    I bicycle in a mixture of whatever works for the weather: yoga pants with Keen low-cut hikers, t-shirts with bookstore logos and cutesy anime characters, sometimes a camp shirt with baggy capris, which make me look truly granny-like. When some racing biker flies by in black and fluorescent-color spandex, I’m sure he thinks (it’s almost always a man) I look frumpy, not to mention I ride as slow as one can on a bike like mine. I don’t care, since I’m out for pleasure, not to win races or impress the Tour fans. And I don’t think it’s a bitchy attitude: it’s more of a response to people who think having a wall covered with medals validates your role as a runner or cyclist. It doesn’t, and I think it ruins the sport for a lot of people who can’t or won’t run in a race. But I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself more. Hope it continues in the new year!

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