Wow. I feel like my New Year is just starting!

Problem is of course…everyone else started the New year, like on January 1, 2013.

Here was my issue.

I took the required Vacation at Christmas time, and again for New Year’s Eve and Day.  None of this was vacation time that I particularly wanted, but I was told I had to take it.

Then BAM…right after that I had a relay race event, Ragnar Relays.  We ran from Miami to Key West. 12 of us.  Sounds like a BLAST right?  12 friends, 2 vans, 2 days and one night each of us running 3 legs.

Well we are in a Heat Wave.  So it became kind of a difficult experience for me.  I got very overheated on my first run, causing dehydration.  Everyone got tired, stinky and sweaty.  I’m not sure this is the way I want to enjoy running, as I realized while running my 7.9 mile leg through downtown Miami in 83 degree heat 90% humidity, that there is no way to really classify that kind of running as “smart”.


There I am at the end exchange for my leg.  The other legs were great, and it was an interesting experience.  Not so sure it’s the one for me.  Some people are very into the Ragnar experience, and such, but I think in general, as my coach said when I described everything to him, “Kind of a lot for someone who just likes to run…”

Coming back I became ill. I have not been sick in so long that it took a toll on me.  Normally I would have stayed home from work, but because I had been absent for 4 days I knew my appearance was needed.  Sadly…for me, my brain was also needed. Wow, I never knew how hard it was to just DO regular work when sick.  None of it made sense.  I have a bunch of meetings and such to deal with on Monday, and I HOPE that all is prepared as it can be.



Abut a week or so before Christmas, I had a total melt down at work.  I admit, this is not my dream job that I imagined it to be.  With all the new regulations, many of which relate to infection prevention, I am under a new kind of pressure to produce.  People get very angry and upset when their numbers aren’t good, and attempt to find some other way to make their numbers look better other than just doing the right thing. I am constantly walking a fine line between the wishes of administration, the wishes of the floor staff, and the recommendations of the CDC.  I get very tired, and I have very little time off.  Returning to my old job is very very attractive.  I’m not doing it YET mostly because I feel a bit of debt to the organization for giving me this chance.  But  I admit, I am starting to think of ways to move in that direction.  Options, options options!  I am even looking at maybe becoming a travel nurse again….Hmmmm.

We’ll see how Monday goes.  I am dreading it.



4 thoughts on “Recharging.

  1. I remember when you first interviewed for this job: you were a bit hesitant back then, like you sort of wanted the job but thought it might not be for you. Now it sounds like you’re beginning to see that it’s not a good fit for you, and it’s more stress than reward.

    Don’t know what to tell you—nursing in the ER sounded stressful too, but maybe because you understood the requirements of the job, it seems less so than your current job. Oh well. Whatever you decide, I hope it goes well for you.

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