And the beat goes on and on and on!


January is almost over.  Lots of little changes here in life in general.

Work is still work.  I feel very overwhelmed by the entire experience.  We have a new Chief Nursing Officer who is really interested and dedicated.  It has helped I think to bring in new life to our organization.  I had a meeting with her this week and told one of my friends, “Well, either I will get the support I need for certain programs, or I will get bumped back down to the Emergency Department, either one is fine with me.”  Secretly I was kind of hoping to go back to the ED as it’s just easier in general.  Instead I pretty much see that moving forward I will probably have the right kind of support- which has not been there in the past.  Well, we actually didn’t really have anyone in that position for a while, so I can’t say it was lacking- I mean the position was empty.

So how do I feel?  Well.  OK.  I actually have to look at a lot of the tasks I do as “Homework” assignments.  Much of what I do now is like homework assignments for school- except that now the hospital is real, and the problem given is real and here’s hoping the solution that I propose works!

In general though I think I can hang with this, as long as they want me to.

Which is a good thing because…

Training is going kind of good.  I don’t want to move somewhere else right now.

At the Ragnar relays I met some local folks on a different team.  They are neat people and train here locally so I have been running into them fairly frequently and spending some time hanging around with them as well.  This has been really fun!

Sufferfests are generally better with a friend.  Especially one who “gets” it.


Training in and of itself seems to be moving in the right direction as well. I’m having a bit of a problem as all my races are very late in our season.  I knew I was unfit, so I chose some later ones up north to give myself time to get FIT.  My last half I ran was just kind of a “fun” run and while I had a kind of a PR, it wasn’t a blast for me, and it wasn’t the results I wanted.  And actually, I made a taper mistake, so it wasn’t actually the results I could have had, had I not screwed up that taper!  SO…. in Florida January and February are just peak race season.  Weather is nice and coolish, and people are wanting to come down from the cold northern states and run.  Everyone is running something.  I’m training.  and training and training.  I’m just trying to stay focused on the prize in April, I’ll be running a very pretty race in a very odd area, Toledo Ohio….not where you would think as a destination event, but it should be fun.

Not too much else going on.  Between the demands of the Job and my rather intense training weeks, I’m just trying to remember to pay bills on time, and keep the house a tiny bit clean.

But overall I feel pretty content.



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