16 weeks updates and all

Thats all I have left before Bayshore Marathon!  In between this I do have a half marathon too, Glass City, in Toledo Ohio.

I have not been posting too much because my computer seems to have been infected with a “Slow Everything down to the slowest speed ever”  virus.  Seems I turned off a firewall to install something, and forgot to turn it back on.  So, this weekend, I’ll be going to my local Office Max or Staples for some Mac anti-virus.  I’m afraid to purchase it on line, for fear that my purchase of antivirus will reveal information to the virus!

So anyway, putting in images or links is tedious.

Work is still WORK.  It has been a crazy few weeks, with all sorts of strange happenings….

But in general, something has sparked my brain and I am now able to move on a bit with some projects.  I am STILL at the end of January working on an end of year report, which is not fun, is new to me, and gives me the willies….

But…I am resolved to the working situation now.

Especially because the running situation is so good.  I know it’s nuts, but sometimes when I am processing graphs, or writing documents regarding C. difficult and MRSA…I start to actually daydream about the afternoon’s workouts.  And probably because work is quite difficult, when I hit the workouts, they feel like a total joy.

My coaching situation is really ideal.  He can be frustrating and irritating, but…then again, I can be both of those things too.  On Monday I sustained a major freak out due to the


shortness of time.  I went to him asking him to “Tell me I have enough time”  He kind of said, “We’ll see won’t we”  which is not exactly like, reassuring…We had a few more words, and he finally just turned around and ignored me and I stomped off to the pool.

Yesterday afternoon, I get an email…

Four months……..you can do it.

I feel better.  I’m not going to win the whole shebang, but I want to at least qualify for Comrades in good time, and enjoy the race.

Now, if I can keep things at work under control for the next 16 weeks as well….



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