Ah ha ha ha

My computer is functioning a bit better, for the moment, so I am taking this time to write a post.

I started training for my Marathon and my Half today.  In a way it was kind of funny, I started with a 12 mile easy run.  So If I was using Hal Higdon’s plans, I’d already be in about week 5 of an 18 week plan.

And if I was using a Half Marathon plan I would be about 3 weeks from the taper.  I’m twelve weeks from running the Half in Toledo.  So I should be well set up for it, not so sure on the Marathon, but I think actually if I can cover 12 miles with only moderate misery towards the end, that I should be able to do a decent Marathon performance…

Sure I won’t be guor-marial-olmpics

Guor Marial.  BUT…

I also wont look like this, I hope:


On Friday all sorts of things went kind of nutty at work.  Have you ever noted how things always seem to go kind of crazy on a Friday at about 4 pm…when there’s less resources to use and such?  The funny thing is things were SO insane on Friday and I was so tired by the end of this week, I frankly can not even remember what had gotten me SO stressed out.

The one nice thing was having a brief conversation with another Nurse who is in a similar role as mine.  We both are having a lot of trouble with getting the staff to do what they are supposed to do.  Basic things.  herding_cats-1

It is like herding cats.  I have to admit, I am sick and tired of trying to get people to do the basic requirements of their jobs.

So on that note, I return on Monday with a little bit of concern, since I can not recall why I’m feeling the current angst.  I have a meeting that is coming up that is not great, I am working on a project which is Huge and cumbersome, and I am awaiting one lab result that has me on tenterhooks…but….I don’t think that’s it.  Well, Maybe when I sit my rear down at my desk on Monday I’ll figure it out!



One thought on “Ah ha ha ha

  1. Hello.. 12 miles.. WOW.. no complaints.. better.. 🙂 ,, being in that kind of shape gives you an ascension.. mind.. body.. and heart. you will never look like anyone else.. :-).. good luck w/run.. settle in. angst on weekends is anticipation, of course.. as weekend freedom comes.. Peace T.

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