It’s Wednesday! the good news, and the bad news!

Well, I never did figure out what my issue was….  on Monday.  New Crisis appeared over the weekend.  Funny thing was that it wasn’t a crisis, but people chose to act as if it were.  So that was kind of relaxing, but it took about 2 days to put out the supposed fire.  Each time I attempted to douse the flames, someone else jumped on the flaming bandwagon.

The good news…I FINALLY found a decent framework for the big project that had me kind of freaked out.  I got started on it yesterday and found it was not that difficult, and was actually interesting and will help us approach challenges differently and more effectively I hope.plan-b-happiness-project308

So that felt great.  I have been dreading this project, and as is often the case, I think the “anticipation”  dread was far worse than the project itself.  I also lowered my standards a bit, thus making it easier to complete.  The report that I do will still be more complete than it has been in a long time, but it won’t be quite as detailed as I would like.  I am learning that the powers that be don’t really want all the details that I find interesting, they just want the basics.  We can work with that.

Toughest job I have ever had in my life, this one.  I gotta say, I got a lot of community admiration when I said, “Oh yes I work in the Emergency Department” and now when I tell people I do infection prevention, I get the bland look, or, “Oh that’s a nice job”  They have no idea.  I do kind of regret my choice, but at the same time, it was a choice I made…and now I get to learn and live with it.


It’s not that uncomfortable of a choice, it is just different.  Having this type of job has definitely lead me to different friendships, a greater understanding of some things, and a lot of frustration.  I am not sure I’d choose it again, but at the same time, I’m not entirely desperate to go back to my old job.  I feel like I can take it or leave it, which actually makes things easier, since I’m not entirely attached to anything.

So there’s the good news.

Other good news.

Training is going fine.  I slept in yesterday and have a weights workout to make up.

THe Bad news is that my right hip is starting to have the same symptoms that my left one did before surgery.  It’s hard to tell if it is actually a torn labrum or just like a sore spot on my leg.  I’m running fine, Swimming fine, and cycling fine.  No real pain.  Only discomfort when I am sitting…My massage therapist refused to touch that area…which is a bad bad bad sign.  I’m afraid to tell the coach for fear he will sic the pool on me, and I am afraid to go to the MD, because I don’t really want to go through the MRI etc.  It’s also only been a problem for about a week or two, so I am wondering if it might “go away”  I’m very irritated as I am training well.  I’m definitely going to do my two races this year no matter what.  But then we will have to see after that.  I just do not think I can bear another recovery period like the last one.  Admittedly, this time would be easier, as I have a job I could do post surgery which would get me out of the house sooner than 3 months.  Secondly I am physically stronger and in better shape so the recovery would theoretically be faster, but…

Arrrugh.  I think I should make the MD appointment.


4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday! the good news, and the bad news!

  1. Ugh about your hip. I hope it just quietly goes away on it’s own. The pain that is, not the hip.

    I work in the lab of a hospital and the entire business is very frustrating. We work with Infection Control a lot. That part isn’t so frustrating. It’s the endless hoops we have to jump through to get accredited by this quality control agency or that. And with more and more paperwork, and training and less and less time and people to do it, we are definitely stressed.

    But, oh well…that’s everywhere for ya.

  2. I know the feeling about not wanting to see a doctor when you know something is wrong but you don’t want to deal with it now. Is your left hip better now? You haven’t mentioned it in awhile, so I thought it was pain-free by now.

    The job you’re in sounds like it involves trying to get people to do things they don’t want to do, or find convenient to ignore. I used to think academics were the worst (“This is my classroom, you don’t tell ME what to do!”) but it sounds like medical personnel can be just as bad. One of our local hospitals tried to make all of its personnel get flu shots this season, but they got only 88%, which I guess isn’t bad. Still, people made all these excuses to not get the shot—religious reasons, fear of needles, and more recently, this strange idea that vaccinations can kill you or make you more sick. No one gave the two valid reasons, they were allergic to eggs or they were already sick with the flu. Human beings can be odd when instructed to do things that will benefit not just themselves but the greater community.

    • Lefty is AWESOME. Has never felt this good in my entire life. and yes, I was swimming today and noted one of the girls in my lane kept coughing. I discretely tried to turn away thinking surely she has asthma. Nope, she later said, “I thought swimming with a cold would clear it out!” What is it with us, we are so silly.

  3. Jayne Richards says:

    Feel your pain about not seeing the doctor about an injury. What is it with us runners? Hope it gets better quickly and turns out to be nothing.

    Hang in there with your job. We all need challenges in life, and it sounds like this is definitely one for you.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for me as Gary has healed (yay!) and this week as we laid my dad to rest.

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