Whew what a week

Last week was kind of a killer week for me.

Work has improved immensely in the last week.  A lot of the things I had attempted to work on that were initially ignored by the “old Guard”  are now being taken very seriously by the “New Guard”

I also got brave enough to address one of the chief surgeons about his not wearing Isolation gowns in Isolation rooms.  I have learned this week when one has had Enough and feels that they have nothing to lose, many things can be achieved.  It created quite a stir, but in this case, I am correct, it is the policy of the hospital, and any hospital I have ever worked at that for these infections, isolation gowns work best.  So. When I know I am correct, you bet I am going to fight for it.

On Friday I got a call from the new person in Admin.  She told me she was quite concerned about some statistics in January.  I explained why they looked so skewed and also agreed that I was concerned.  I explained some of the things I had attempted to put into place, some with success some not so successful.  She listened.  In the end, I ended up with a big load of extra work to do, but, this work is the stuff that can make our place better.

So work is OK.  I am struggling however, with the problems of the yearly risk assessment, the year end report, and the Yearly Plan.  And the Meeting I am holding on Thursday.  This whole week is just going to be difficult. I even took a lot of work home with me, but was unable to really get most of it done….

Training.  WHEW.  I don’t know if it was because work this week was quite busy, or what…but this week’s training was INTENSE.  I also felt the tiniest bit burnt out.

Mon run 2 miles easy.

Tues do wts. and swim 3000 straight and easy.

Wed run 3 miles with middle mile fast (5k pace).
Thurs Pool run 1 hour, do wts.
Fri 5 mile total run: 1 mile warm up, 6×1/2 mile moderate to fast, with ¼ mile walk in between each, 1 mile cool down.
Sat. swim 1 hour (sets of 500s) bike 1.5 hours tempo for middle hour.
Sun Run 12 miles steady. Focus on nutrition  and keeping each mile the same pace (if on flat terrain) .
So…there is all was.  Right-o.  Not even that hard a week.
Monday I ran the 2 miles No issues. Could not sleep all night long.
Tuesday I got up late, and never really did weights, had a very intense massage and then swam 3000 Yards, which is about 2 miles.  I did the swim in the dark and it was long.  I slept well that night though.
Wednesday, I did some weights,  and ran the 3 miles.
Thursday: disaster ensued.  I did some weights, not enough and then went out to pool run.  The lanes…the lanes were so crowded.  I ended up being allowed to tread water in the lanes that the masters team was using.  These are the folks just learning to swim, and as a result they get very tired after 30 mins.  THey were so friendly and nice for the first 30 after that they lost body awareness.  They pushed and hit and kicked ALL by accident but it still was irritating.  After 40 mins I just got out.
I complained and went home. I really complained a lot.
The next day was Yasso’s which killed me.  and then Saturday was OK, but SUNDAY…wrong nutrition, on the long run.  I think my coach saw me as well, which is a little embarassing because it was not a stellar run.  I got an unprompted email from him…
Well this was a very unfocused post.  ANYWAY, After all the weekend working out, I was just too tired to do much with the work work.  I finished one of the 4 projects I needed to.  New PLan, go to bed, get there early and Get shit done.

One thought on “Whew what a week

  1. You often mention not liking to get into the pool. Is it because it’s crowded, or you don’t enjoy swimming laps, or something else? I generally don’t like chlorinated pools, especially indoor ones, as the smell is sometimes overpowering. The last time I swam in an indoor pool, my eyes were red and my skin felt “prickly,” even after I showered.

    Someone told me awhile back that if a job isn’t challenging, it’s not worth doing. But I hear you on tackling the problems. Sometimes you wish things would be just a little bit easier.

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