This week, in which I said FML more than once.

Well, this week…it turning into the worst one of my entire career.  The nice part, is that the badness is pretty much over.  I just am now cleaning up the shards of mess.

So Monday started out pretty good. work wise and training wise.  I got some work done, nothing too exciting came over my surveillance.  I started to work on the slides again for my meeting on Thursday.  Sent them off to my boss.

I switched up Monday’s workout for Tuesday’s since I do massage on tuesday evening.  So I did a LONG 2 mile swim on Monday and some weights.  I was tired.

Tuesday is when things came apart….kind of like the Chinua Achebe’s book  Things Fall Apart.  I spent tuesday afternoon working on the Infection Control Plan for the Hospital and the Risk Assessment.  THings that should have been done in January.  I just kept putting them off because I really was intimidated by doing them, and my boss would state she was going to help me and then the help never appeared.  She, I have learned, does better under intense time pressure, where I would rather prepare something quality over time.

She left work early and we decided to finish the project on Wednesday, since the meeting was on Thursday.  Yes, right.  NO.  I got a call from the Microbiologist who very casually at the end said, “See you at the meeting tomorrow!” OMG  panick ensued.  I called my boss, left a message, never heard back.  Lucky me, I had already done my 2 mile easy run in the morning.  I also got a text from my Massage Therapist who was not feeling well, adn wanted to turf me to some lady named Carol.  Being the funny person that I am about strangers touching my body, I declined Carol- who I am sure is wonderful.

On Wednesday I got to work at 0630 am to count numbers of disease cases.  Got that ALL done, and my Boss rolled in the door right on time.  She can be a pill, but to her credit, she sat down and plowed through the plan and put it on slides for me.  At 11:00 am we were done, or so we thought.

At 12:00 I went and was able to get into the room, which was not arranged for a meeting, so I had to rearrange it.  Once I did that, I was able to put my slides up on the big screen.  Yes, I fixed a few typos, but all of a sudden I was looking and realized I had forgotten an entire set of comparison data for the second floor.  WTF!  I reviewed the slide,s and my boss had, NO ONE caught it.

We had the meeting.  One thing I am excellent at is sort of adjusting on the fly.  In our Risk assessment slide, we had kind of forgotten to adjust the risk for certain things…So I had to improvise and explain that we were placing a higher priority on this issue than the Risk Assessment asked for.  This is true, but it felt a little bit like covering my tail end.

That meeting done, I went and could only just sit in my office chair wondering what the heck happened to me.

I went to get a coffee and was paged overhead…turns out I was late for another meeting. One that I also thought was on Thursday!!!!  When I got there, there was the Director of Human Resources asking me about my other meeting- turns out she was supposed to be included in the invite.  😦 could things get worse?  Are you laughing at my pain yet?

On the plus side.  I did send a project to the CNO.  Right prior to my hideous meeting, she came in to tell me she felt it was an excellent synopsis, and it was well researched and put together.  She said it in front of my boss, so that was an extra Kudo.  I really like this new person.  SO there’s that silver Lining.

Then like an idiot, I attempted to do my speed workout.  As If I had not already FRIED all the adrenalin in my body?  It’s a hard one.  I flunked it.  My coach saw me and I couldn’t lie or adjust it. I just failed it.  He told me not to worry about it, to relax and decompress from my bad day.

Best thing- I got home and was piddling about, and was able to totally by surprise have a text conversation with a friend who I will be running with in Toledo and Michigan this year.  He totally made my day Good again.

But yeah.  Stress City.

4 thoughts on “This week, in which I said FML more than once.

  1. Wow, wow and wow.
    I don’t know what’s going on with hospitals, but things have been absolutely crazy at ours this week, too. Driving us all completely nuts. So, it’s something in the air or something. Sounds like it all turned out ok for you….Whew!!!

  2. Oooh dear. Work mishaps are the worst, especially if you are conscientious about your job. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up and take a break at some point.

    I wonder if there’s something in the energy this week. I had several crappy events as well—some old lady ran into my car (nothing serious, but there’s a dent and paint scratches, just what my old car needs), my checking balance suddenly went north and I couldn’t figure out why, and my brother is taking worker’s comp, meaning he’s home every day, messing up the house, swearing and muttering to himself, and poking his nose into my business. It really makes one want to run off to the other side of the world and take a new name and life.

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