Reblogging this from 30 weeks to MG’s Blog….

30 weeks of Marathon training.

Well, this was my long run, non-race event this past weekend.  One of the nicest race experiences I’ve had.

I was asked a few weeks ago by a friend if I would come up and support her first Marathon.  Due to some unforseen events, her family was unable to make it up there.

I admit, I felt pretty honored to be asked.  I realize it was because indeed, I don’t have a lot of outside obligations, but I still really was excited for her!!!

A week or so before her race, I realized that 13 was on my plan for the weekend.  So I went ahead and signed up for the Half.

Now….26.2 with Donna…the Race to finish Breast Cancer?  Would NEVER have been my first choice.  My friend picked it though and I was pleasantly surprised.  Despite the overabundance of Pink…I really enjoyed this race.  I’d highly…

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