Whole Lotta weird

This past 2 weeks have really been a whole lotta weird and strange.  Seems also to be a LONG post.

Work has been alright.  I am starting to actually feel pretty proficient about the job, and things look alright.  I still really really miss the 3 day a week work schedule, but that is not what I am doing right now, so I try not to focus on it.

Training has been going quite well.  I am really pleased with my progress and I am pretty sure I am getting trained up to run a fairly good Marathon in May.  There’s a lot of work to be done but I am getting it done.

SO the weirdness started over a pair of Shoes.

Now you know, I LOVE running shoes.

I’m into them.RunningShoes

So I was hemming and hawing around.  I had been running in the Mirage, a shoe made by Saucony.  I love the Mirage so much that when they did an update, and the Mirage went on sale, to make room for Mirage 2, I bought about 6 pairs at one time on closeout.

Well.  All good things must come to an end.  I have finally started in on my last pair of Mirage’s.  I switched out to the Mirage 2 that I had bought in hope of a new shoe affair.  Oh WOW.  The Twos SUCKED.  I should make use of my vocabulary, but…really there isn’t much of a way to describe it.  They were wider, and stiffer, and while I wore them I never felt like I broke them in.  So, I was feeling kind of “Off” the Mirage.  So…enter all of my dilemmas.  I thought about the new Virrata, and the Old Kinvara.  both neutral shoes, and I’m not totally a neutral runner.  I even kind of looked at the Mirage 3.  It was hot pink in my local store, pepto pink.  Not my style.  I don’t know why but I REALLY did not want to own a pair of Barbie Pink Shoes.



046510_3-1See what I mean?  It does come in other colors, but the store did not have other colors, and to order them special means giving up the 10% discount I get for being a gym member.  I’m practical.  Plus, I didn’t really love the shoe.

Well.  After spending loads of time hemming and hawing and getting advice and trying to take advice, I finally sat down and asked the sales girl if I could try some on.  She lacked my size in either style that I wanted to try.  Yes they can order my size, but again that is now a “special order”  and I lose the 10% discount.  AND if the shoes come and aren’t really what is wanted, then, well…I feel like I had them do a lot of work for nothing.

So.  Fast forward a few days.  My friend invites me to go shopping at another Running Store, several miles away.  We go.  It is wonderful.  The sales guy is pleasant, takes a good long look at my 2 pairs of shoes has me do some treadmill running etc.  (All stuff they have done at the other place). He asked me a few more questions, showed me my running on the mill, and said, “Can I pull a few different things for you to try?” And try I did. I tried on Mizunos (my old love), a pair of Brooks Ravenna’s  which almost sold me!, a pair of Pearl Izumis, which really were too soft, and a pair of the Mirage 3’s.  I ran on the track they had at the store on the treadmill and outside in all of them.  Eventually I had to decide and I ended up back in my Mirages.  After watching me run a bit more, he asked about my left pronation, and suggested a wedge to help alleviate it.  It felt great.  He then gave a lot of advice on how to get used to running with the wedge…good thing because I would have tried to do my long run the next day with it.  Best thing, they had it in the Barbie Pink, the Purple, and apparently they had it in green.

MirageWI took the purple.  Love the shoes.  I was very impressed at the size of the store.  The style of the clothing also suited me better.  I’m not one to wear skin tight clothing, it does not look good on me, and this store had lots of shirts with a looser fit.  In addition, this store carried 2 brands I Love, Zensah, and Balega.  I’ve asked the local shop to carry both and got a No on both.

Fast forward to Monday, I am at the gym, kind of feeling guilty about the shoes.  The Pro Shop there had spent a great deal of time with me, but in truth, they didn’t have what I needed.  My friend says, “Ohhh you got the shoes”  I admit that I went elsewhere, and that I liked it a lot.  She asked about the store, and I just remember saying, “Well they had a lot MORE”  Personally I think the folks at the local store do a great job, they just didn’t have what I wanted.  I admit too, I appreciated the fitter at the other store a bit because he was a lot more “neutral”  than the guys at my pro-shop.

Well, the owner of the store overheard me. I heard her mutter under her breath about “Waste my time”  etc.  She has not spoken to me since. Just glared at me mostly.  I made sure to purchase my Huge container of Carbo-Pro from them, but I guess that doesn’t make up for it.  I have spent so much money there, that the whole thing annoys me no end.  Everything I said was true so I don’t feel apologetic about it, but I do feel kind of frustrated. I felt like I was at least friendly with these folks.  Not friends, mind you, but friendly.  BUt apparently all they wanted was my money.

It’s a small town and things are awkward.  Hopefully eventually everyone will get over themselves.




13 thoughts on “Whole Lotta weird

  1. We recently joined a ‘gym’ and grand opening was today. It has all kinds of ‘rooms’ and ‘equipment’ not to mention the suspended walking track, two indoor pools and an outdoor pool. Just a three minute drive from the house. Last night as I was wandering around Academy Sports and Outdoors and could not resist the urge to walk down the aisles with the running and workout shoes. Found a pair that seem to fit me well. $12.88. I walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes…so far so good. We’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, the reason I mentioned the shoes was because I remember thinking about you and trying to remember any advice you have given me throughout our cyber friendship.

    Good luck with getting your store personnel back in your corner. I’m sure it will come soon…especially since you will be spending more money with them.

  2. You have the right to purchase anywhere you wish and you need to suit your needs. I personally would not buy anything from that store again as obviously their friendliness is just pretence.
    Aren’t the shoes crazy colours now? One teacher has a pair that is every colour of the rainbow and at 60 years plus he looks like a sad hippie.

  3. Phooey on them. They didn’t have what you wanted. You need to get exactly what you want with the amount of running you do. You are not into it to simply support their store and it sounds like they weren’t super helpful at all. So, I wouldn’t worry about them at all.
    You got what you needed and that is the important part!

  4. I had a similar experience with a specialty shoe store several years back. I have weird feet—my left foot is a size smaller than my right, and they’re both shaped like a duck’s, narrow at the heels and wide around the toes. This one store actually had sizes in stock that fit me, but they didn’t offer much choice in styles. It was either brown, black, or white; and most of them reminded of Dad’s orthopedic/diabetic’s shoes. They did offer to order special styles for me, but the expense and wait (2-3 weeks) didn’t seem worth it to me. Then this sporting goods store opened up down the street, and to my shock, they carried gorgeous shoes in my sizes. So I stopped going to the specialty store, of course. I still shopped at another store next to it however, and one day, the manager of the shoe store saw me walking by.

    “Like your shoes!” he sneered.

    “Good! I love them too!” I snapped back. But I was a little surprised: he’d always been nice to me before I stopped shopping there. I guess it goes to show that retail relationships are based strictly on your spending money at a store. 😦

  5. I had the same problem at a local running store. I bought Hokas online, which the local store did not sale. The owner still tried to give me a hard time about it. I told her I would have happily purchased them at her store so I could have tried them on first, but she didn’t carry them. I then mentioned I had spent a lot of money at her store over the past few years to which she remarked, “I know.” I don’t go there anymore, and that attitude is one of the reasons. It wasn’t the first time I was treated that way there. I won’t give my money to people who try to bully me into buying from them. That isn’t how it works. Now when I want to buy local, I go to a different local running store. They are always nice and happy to see me no matter what shoes I’m wearing.

  6. How unpleasant of her. If she really wanted to keep your business with some good customer service she’d have ordered the others in for you to try and still give you the discount if you wanted them – and if you didn’t want them just put them out for sale to someone else. She should not have taken it so personally that you bought elsewhere; after-all you did try her store first.

  7. I guess I would have said something along the line of, “I can spend my money where I like.” But, I understand the whole small town thing. I grew up in that, and it can be smothering. Though I don’t run due to my balance, I love running shoes. Husband and I re-joined a local gym in February, so I am on the mill quite a bit. I’m hoping I can get up to a light jog, though I will look funny not letting go of the sides. A little afraid of that whole thing, though. The owner of gym wants me to get on an ellipical, which I HATE. Also, to get on spinning bike, but I feel it’s too early for me, since we only go twice a week.

    I have gone through various brands of shoes, Brooks, Merrell, Asics, NB, Reebok, Nike. Ugh…what a hassle. I order online, ’cause I can never find locally what I want to fit my feet. The local running store screwed me up bad with one pair I bought some years ago and I won’t go back. I under-pronate pretty badly on left side, so much so that I am almost walking on the actual left edge of my foot. I think that’s been a lot of my problem with my back/hamstring/sciatica thing that I have. I would like to find something to put in my left shoe to balance out my foot, but NO one, not even foot doctors around where I live, have anything to help. Weird. Online isn’t any better. So, it’s been painful sometimes. After four or five rounds of shipping back pairs of shoes (I need neutral with cushioning) and my husband getting a bit upset, I settled on Asics. I will stay with them until something changes. The bold colors are neat, but I do see a lot of that horrible pink, which I hate. Got a pair of bright kelly green ones, though.

    Have been sick this week, along with hubs, so no gym time, and I am missing it. As far as life in general, it’s now calm and nice. My dad passed 12-12-12. I predicted that, after my dad was gone, my brother would be ill after all the stress and dealings of power of attorney. Unfortunately, I was right. He took a long-awaited trip to Vegas in February, and ended up in a hospital there with pneumonia. He was quite panicky about being there a week, as doctors kept saying they didn’t know when they were going to discharge him. Don’t know why he travelled ill in the first place, but he came home and has been struggling ever since with getting better. Life trips on….Sorry for long reply, hope you meet your goals for the marathon.

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