Product Review: CARBO-PRO

So as part of my training, the guy who coaches me decided I should try some new fuels.  I think he actually just wanted me to switch over to Carbo-Pro, but…being the way he is, he told me to just experiment around.

So I tried some supplements recommended at our local Pro-Shop  UCAN.    I’m still kind of confused as to why the person would have recommended it to me, as it has very few calories, and could not be used to really replace gels.

So that week, I ran with it, and some salt tablets with caffeine.  I had a tough run and felt horrible for the rest of the day.  Gave the second sample to my coach to try out…when he came back, he stated, “Yeah, would not use that for running”.

So I think over the next weeks, I tried some other gels and gus and stuff.  I got a bunch of free samples at the Donna Race, so…I was good with Gu for a while.  I found a girl from work who wanted to try the Carbo-Pro too, so we went “halvsies” on a tub of it.  Its a powder… It comes in a 3 pound tub so…for 31.99 so being able to split it was good.  My coach had said he would buy it off of me if I didn’t like it but He doesn’t seem to be racing much so I wasn’t sure when he’d use it.

Anyway, I finally got around to trying it last weekend during a Half Marathon Race.  I used the race as a training run, so I figured why not experiment around a bit.

48163_10200234328317508_2006482843_n-1Thing about Carbo-Pro is that it really doesn’t have any caffeine, nor electrolytes.  What it has is CALORIES.  Easily absorbed calories.  Loads of them.  So I had to find something with calories.  I used the Advocare “Slam”.  It is a lot like a 5 hour energy, but maybe from a more reputable company.  Anyway I mixed this stuff all up…feeling a lot like…

The race was Fun, read about that here, but I was really leary about the mixture.  I finally had to buck at up at mile 3-4 and take some down.  Turned out to work GREAT.  Much better than the Gu’s or Gels that I had been using.  No GI upset, and no massive energy rush, just sustained energy.

This week, I tried it again.. with some different Additives.  I was still feeling kind of skeptical. But it worked Super well for my 16 miler.  Again Sustained energy…no massive rush of energy or jitteriness.

CarboPro itself has almost NO flavor.  So if you mix it with water, it tastes like water.  This week I used some Lemon-Lime HEED, tasted like Lemon-Lime.  Each scoop has about 100 calories, and dissolves easily in cold liquid.  I use 2 scoops for each little hammer flask I have.  Each holds 5 servings of gel, but for me its about 2 servings of the CarboPro mix.  Both scoops dissolve easily, and I am thinking of quadruple mixing to see how that dissolves.

Most people just use the gels, and I had never thought of using anything else until he suggested it.  I was very resistant as I have been fine with gels, but…I am so glad I took that time to learn and experiment.  Kind of a lesson again, in holding on to stuff that may or may not serve you the best!!! Most people I tell about the Carbo-Pro so far have kind of given me a bit of a raised eyebrow look…I’ve even resorted to offerring samples to friends, it is just SO good!  My friend who went halvsies with me also loved it.  She had had an issue with Nausea, which is now solved.  Mine was with occasional stomach cramps, also now resolved!

Now after I did the math, it is a bit more expensive than the gels, I think.  A 3 lb tub is 5400 calories. If I use 4 scoops, thats about 13.5 servings per container.  13.5 gels would cost about 22.00 depending on how you get it.  And I have to add Caffeine.  I gotta admit though, it works SO much better that I think it’s worth it. Plus reusing the flask makes much better sense than throwing away tons of gel wrappers.


If you have been having any issues with gels, or other supplements, I suggest you give Carbo-Pro a try.  It might be a winner for you too!



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