Your Most Prized Possession?

So I cam across this in my cousin’s Facebook feed.  She’s a very active Facebooker, so sometimes I just scroll right on, but this on caught my eye.



The photos were all taken by Seth Lowe  A photographer based out of Chicago Il.

I found the photos to be really interesting.  For a variety of reasons.  First the kids it seems could chose a number of prized possessions, rather than just one.  Secondly all of the children seem to have chosen toys, and some clothing.

It made me wonder if I had to choose my most prized possessions, what would I end up choosing.  Would it be books, or running paraphernalia, Some music?  Coffee?

I also wish I could hear the stories behind the kids choices.

What would your most prized possession be?  For us getting older folks, it seems memories…are the most prized possessions…and they are rarely objects, though we use objects to represent them and talk about them.


2 thoughts on “Your Most Prized Possession?

  1. Family – though I suppose they aren’t technically a ‘possession’, but I treasure them above all else. My critters – I figure I can count them as possessions as I am responsible for them. If I had to choose a truly inanimate object, it’d be my phone – it keeps me connected to the rest if the treasures in life (family…and friends). 🙂

  2. I saw this photo series earlier and was touched by the children from poorer homes who didn’t have a lot to display. One little girl had just a single teddy bear, very worn and ragged, but obviously cherished by her. It made me feel guilty for grumbling about not being able to buy new dress shoes or another dress for a social event when I have so many already.

    And ironically, I would never choose an article of clothing as my most prized possession. That title would go to a little stuffed lamb that my grandmother gave to me when I was a baby. I still have it, and it’s worn and discolored from many hugs and tears. If there was ever a fire in our house, that lamb would come with me, and to heck with the silver jewelry and antiques in my room.

    Next in line would be the photos of my kids. Yes, several of them are already online and I could make copies later. But the baby and school pictures aren’t—which reminds me, I should scan a bunch and store them in “the cloud,” just in case.

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