Life’s Little Updates

I suppose it is about time for an update or two.

Life is pretty good right now.

Work is INSANE!  So much is going on.  We have a New Administrator and she does seem to be shaking things up a bit, and it is great, and difficult, and challenging all rolled up into one crazy ball.

My boss is still driving me insane.  She does everything at the last minute and of course then, anything she has to collaborate with anyone on is also done at the last minute.

But…I am getting used to it.  I’m actually starting to like it better…why?  Well, the new Administrator has allowed me to implement many of the ideas and projects that have worked well at other facilities.  So now…instead of frustration in feeling that we are trying to remain in the Medical Stone age…I have fear that these projects may not be as successful at our facility as they seem to have been at others.  PLus, you know whenever we implement a big change in a facility, there is always a moment of forgetting some key group of players, so I’ve been pretty busy.

Training was going quite well. I have a small injury, to the ankle, and we have been trying to get it to heal properly.  I actually went and took a Medrol Dose Pack, and am still taking it.  My ankle is marginally better.  I should have been taking an anti-inflammatory with it, but I can never seem to remember it so I’ve been hit or miss on the anti-inflammatory.

So all week it’s been Pool running, swimming, pool running.  Big leg massage on tuesday helped.  Mopy_16x9-1

My coach has been pretty great through it all.  I had been struggling with giving him reports and not hearing from him, but it turned out he has had some personal stuff go on, and it had nothing to do with me.  Since we had that short conversation, he has been super about getting back to me via email, and we seem to be really on the same page.  I’m so glad he decided to work with me.  I’ve had good results, and have grown as a person.  We have not seen too much of each other, but…that is the way of the world, and in some ways, I like this better, in some ways I really hate it.  I admit that I enjoy our little conversations, and he is part of the reason training is fun.  Many of my friends run with me and train with me, very few of them put in the same kind of hours that I do, and even fewer spend the time to do the type of workouts that are on my plan.  SO…much of the time I get things like this:

Text Message:

Jan:  How did your 16 miler go

Me: I had a good run, but I want to get off the bike

Jan: What are you trying to do, WIN the race?

Me: Bike spins out lactic acid, I think, it’s on the paper, I just do it.

Or, “I could never do what you do”  Or,  “Your body is telling you you need a break”

It takes a lot of effort not to snap back at them that NO, I do not need a break, that’s why I have a coach, he tells me when I need a break.  When I talk to my coach about how tough some of the speed workouts have been on me, he understands it.  When I tell someone else, I get these odd statements, like,

“You’re a runner, its what you do, how can it be hard…”  Or  from those who do not indluge in the particular torture of speed workouts… “I should do those sometime you know”

Something about these workouts- they make you move so much better, but during one feels very close to meeting Jesus.

Now, I do have this injury.  It didn’t come from over training, it came simply from running on a road with camber.


I ran the Half Marathon in Jax, and much of the road was cambered.  It hurt after that and generally got better.  Then 2 weeks later, I ran the Orange Blossom Half and that road had a severe camber, PLUS, it was not entirely closed to traffic, so, I could not get up on the crown or anything to help.  Since then I’ve been trying to heal it.  I have orders to pool run until Sunday and then to hit the Clay trail, soft stuff that clay.  I for some reason (perhaps it is the prednisone), am feeling overly optimistic that this will heal.  So we shall see.

I have two out of state races coming up, both of which planned with the same person from Daily Mile.  Hopefully that will go well.  I think I may have overstressed myself with both my A races coming out of state and with the awkwardness of meeting people that can sometimes exist.  So. here is hoping they are actually fun for everyone.  My biggest desire to get on a taper and find out how fast I may have gotten.  I Hope I am not disappointed!!!!!





One thought on “Life’s Little Updates

  1. Hope you’re feeling better by now. Even small injuries can be quite painful, I say after walking all day every day on my vacation. It’s nothing like your stuff, but still, it takes a lot of will to keep moving when your body says “stop.”

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