Rest Week!

So, after several unsuccessful workouts and a huge Pow Wow with my trainer/coach, he reworked the training plan, and we redid the racing plans for the year.

I’m still running  the Glass City Half Marathon in  23 (count em) days!  and the Bayshore Marathon.  But, since I learned that Bayshore, lovely as it is, can not be used to qualify for Comrades…the importance of having a specific time has diminished significantly.  We decided the ramp up wasn’t worth some of the trouble I was having (ankle pain, achilles pain and exhaustion)  So, Bayshore is going to be a confidence booster.  I do hope to still have a qualifying time, but it won’t be an impressive one.

So on Sunday I ran my 18 miles training run.  It went well, especially considering I did it entirely alone with no Bike support and no one joining me for any of it.  It was Easter, and I do think people had other things to do!


Anyway…That evening I got my Reworked plan.  This week was looking ridiculously EASY!  And it has been.  Over the week though, I rested.  My resting Heart rate came back down to a respectable 56-58, and my head seems much clearer.  Last week when he asked “So what’s the issue with the tempo run”  All I could say is, “I don’t know I can’t maintain pace.” I was just tired and kind of overtrained!

The weird thing about our new plan is that I told him I simply wanted him to pick the next race.  We won’t have any of the problems I have had before with him agreeing to a race and then deciding later that “It’s too soon, etc”  I hope he picks a nice one…and not too hilly, and I kind of hope he chooses it SOON, so I can get registered and focused.  Plus, I mean who likes to not be in the know?

Work remains incredibly stressful.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  As of April 9th, I will have been in the position now for a Year.  I am definitely more confident and more knowledgeable about the role now, and more comfortable.  I am also more in demand.  My phone rings frequently and I am always in demand for meetings and such.  I’m still making mistakes and trying to learn the ins and outs of things.  Because of the new Health Care laws, I have better support than ever before.  So…we’ll see.



One thought on “Rest Week!

  1. If only you could take a rest from work for one week! Otherwise it sounds like things are on the upswing for you.

    I need to start exercising again. After a week of the flu, I feel all washed out and limp. I ran errands today, just for an hour, and felt like I’d run a marathon myself. I suppose it would help if I also started eating real food again, instead of soup and ramen.

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