Dominos pizza aggravating me.

Ok so Dominos is not exactly the Best pizza in the world, right.

I used to avoid it because of the Homophobic owner who was also against abortion.  (I would like to make it clear, I am also against abortion, I think it’s a horrible horrible thing..BUT, I also believe that I am not to judge anyone’s actions.  So, I will not be having an abortion.  I won’t be stopping anyone from obtaining one either.)

Anyway this research  convinced my that I could actually order from Dominos again, so I have occasionally.

As you know Ive been training for a marathon and eating like a pig.  So, when I rolled into Dominos a week or so ago, I noted that they now had Pan Pizza on the menu.

Yum.  Extra calories!

So I start to order up my favorite:  Ground beef and Double Pineapple (I know, I know).

The girl looks at me and says, “It only comes in these varieties if you want the pan crust.”  I didn’t ask and she didn’t say but it seems the Pan varieties are actually pre-made.  So I was like, OK….So I had to go with regular Crust.  It was no where near as good as Hungry Howies.

Well, imagine my surprise:

Here’s the deal…if Domino’s is really preparing all these pizzas by HAND, then they can put whatever toppings are ordered on at the time of order right?  I’m annoyed.   I would really like the pan crust, but I can’t get it in any kind of variety I want, but yet, they are SLOWING down and MAKING IT BY HAND?

Back to Hungry Howies.


3 thoughts on “Dominos pizza aggravating me.

  1. I haven’t ordered from Domino’s in years, largely because the local shop had such crappy service and the delivery guys were rude. (And yeah, the homophobic comments and the huge contributions to anti-abortion organizations and politicians.) The fact that they won’t make a pizza the way you’d like them to says something about the way they regard their customers too.

    There are a couple of local chains nearby that make pretty good pizza. I like the flatbread pizzas with grilled vegetables that one chain offers for $6. They keep the cheese to a minimum and it’s about half the calories of the regular veggie pizza. Not that I’m fooling myself into thinking I’m eating a healthy meal when I order one of these, but there are days when I gotta have my pizza!

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