So, after my difficult long run the other day…I am looking into some hydration options.

For the most part, I can plant water or obtain water along the routes I run, but yesterday there was actually an 8 mile stretch of no water. I could have planted, but I have to admit, I’m still a little unsure at to exactly where I was in my town…

I started with 20 ounces, and during the first 8 miles, the weather was cooler and I finished the 20 ounces right as I hit eight. I also had 2 little hammer nutrition flasks with the carbo pro in it.  I refilled at the station and thought I was pretty smart.  By that time though it was getting quite warm. I actually unzipped my jersey and pulled it way back, it was so so hot.   I ran 2.2 more miles out and back and at the end of 4.5 ish miles, I had consumed almost another 20 ounces.  I was a wee bit concerned because that’s a load of water. My clothing was dripping with sweat, it was unreal. I could have taken off the shirt and wrung it out.   I refilled again, and then had 8 more miles to go with only 20 ounces. Well.  It wasn’t enough.  2 days later…I can see that I did get a bit of dehydration, I never even finished my nutrition, which shows me that I wasn’t thinking, or capable of thinking.

TO add to my misery the next two days after that 80 degree day…turned out to be super chilly at 66 degrees.  I feel a bit peeved about that.

My trainer asked me, “Have you ever tried a vest or bladder system?”  Nooooo.  He described a few, and then reminded me not to go get what he has because his chest is shaped differently than mine, and his is primarily for cycling.

Sooo.  I’m now looking at them with curiosity.

They are DARNED expensive.

I’m intrigued by this one system:


It’s an actual shirt with a bladder in the back holding 72 ounces.  about what I drank the other day… Reviews say it’s kind of hard to get on and off, which I think would be expected.  Also sort of hard to refill…but…It looks good.  This would be a form fitting shirt and I’d have to use it as a base layer….Hot hot in summer, BUT, I could throw some ice into the bladder, and then at least for a while I’d be cool across the traps muscles.

Then there is the Mac Daddy of Nathan a new Vest:



The Vapor shape.  It has EVERYTHING.  And it has an everything price.  I t has a hidden pocket for ice for cooling.  Given the amount of heat I run in, that is kind of appealing. In addition to a 70 oz bladder (I think)  there are front pockets for more hydration. This may be over kill for me really.

So enter…

5003NOD_Minimist_TangoRed_Front_NWThe Minimist  I think this will probably be the one for me.  My problem is that I always am attracted to the deals at Sierra Trading Post and they have a few on sale.  There is One, the Seeker…

nathan-seeker-hydration-pack-15l-for-kids-in-hi-viz-orange~p~5929p_02~220.2It is for children, but indeed, I had a Teeny tiny shoulder span.  holds 1.5 liters.

So asking for advice.  Vest?  or Pack?  I’m leaning towards the Vest because it will hold some more, and looks more comfy, but….the price tag… that said, I am willing to pay for something that is going to work, but…who knows.  and I also know, stuff on sale at Sierra trading post is often on sale because it wasn’t great, right?  Hmmm.  (Admittedly everything I’ve ever got from them has been fabulous and low priced.  Hmmm.)

Any opinions, please chime in!




6 thoughts on “Hydration…hydration

  1. My son has a CamelBak backpack, which he uses mainly when he’s cycling long distances. It was given to him by a friend who didn’t like it but has a lot more money than my son, apparently. My son thought it was “okay” but says he still carries a water bottle hooked to the frame of his bike. He doesn’t like backpacks in general because they make him hot and sweaty, and they get to be a pain (he says) when he wants to shed his jersey and other layers while he’s pedaling.

    I’d also think they’d add a couple of pounds to your run—I’m not sure how those things distribute the water’s weight and keep it from sloshing around and throwing you off balance. But in hot weather when you’re aching for a drink, I suppose they’re better than having to carry a bottle.

  2. Hello.. One who has lived in arid climates.. this is a good thing.. in running.. esp marathons.. cool possible necessity.. along with the new improved one with a ‘Kevlar’ lining.. dark humor.. still still.. I believe it ends when it is not recognized or validated.. interesting informative post.. Peace Tony

  3. Have no opinion on vest vs. pack, but a general comment; I think wearing something like that would bug me…that’s just me. I hope you find a solution to this problem. Being out in the heat and getting heat exhaustion–not heat stroke–is scary enough. I’ve experienced it, and that weird, unthinking state is something that I liken to being on pain meds and being really tired…your brain will just not work. Good luck with your search.

  4. Packs bother me. They bounce. They also take time to get used to wearing. I once went out and ran 17 miles in one with no shorter runs before that. I cannot begin to tell you how sore my shoulders and back were the next day. I’ve heard really good things about Nathan vests. Personally, I’d go as minimal as possible to cut weight. Also, work up to longer distances before doing something silly like me and going long first time out. Let us know how it goes!

  5. I’ve actually been thinking about the backpacks lately too! I never really considering that until I saw some of those lighter weight ones, like the minimalist one you posted. That one looks perfect!! I HATE carrying water bottles! Thanks for the reminder that I want to buy one of these, haha!

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