Marathon Training Day 80 something Glass City Half Marathon!

Just the usual race repost from my training Blog. This was a fun fun time

30 weeks of Marathon training.

So this past weekend, I flew to Detroit, was met by a new friend, and we drove on down to Toledo Ohio to run the Owens Corning Glass City Half Marathon.1356103965_stretch


I’m still a bit surprised and miffed that I did not have a PR.  In fact, I ran the worst time that I have run in a half since March 2012.

There were some challenges, and all in all it ended up being alright.

To start with this race was maybe more of an opportunity for us to get to know each other, So that may have distracted me a bit, and the short taper of about 7 days after running a very difficult 20 miler may have also had something else to do with it.

So we drove down, hit the expo, which was not huge, but a very nice expo by all accounts.  The best part…

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3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 80 something Glass City Half Marathon!

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get a PR at this race, but it sounds like you had fun nonetheless. Detroit and Toledo are not exactly tourist destinations, so it says a lot you had a good time. Plus, it sounds like you missed the return of winter out there!

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