Wow, shall I give some folks an update?

I think maintaining 2 blogs is a bit much for me!  I am fairly faithful to the other one.. But this one which is a hodge podge is a little bit more difficult to maintain.

So Life’s updates:

I did do my Marathon.  It really did not go well.  One reason I have failed to post much is that I experienced a phenomena called “Overtraining”  I was SO tired.  The thing about Overtraining, when you are in it…you can’t see it.  Others around you can, but it can be so subtle that it seems sometimes like one is just having an off training day.  Because I take my heart rate daily in the morning, it was recognized at one point and I had an easy week.  By the end of the week, HR back to 58, training resumed…I really wasn’t recovered.  As far as I was concerned I was just not tough enough…so I continued through it.

It really wasn’t until just a few weeks before the Marathon that I realized how exhausted I was.  I failed a long run 2 days in a row…apparently I was starting to look a little bit pale.  My coach at that point really took over and reworked everything in hopes for me to just finish the race.

I did finish the race.  I was so angry though because it was a beautiful race, a great fabulous day and such a nice course, and I totally could not do it justice.  

Now,  I’ve been home, had a week to fool around and a week of easy training. Physically I feel pretty good!  Mentally I’m still kind of slow but…I’m getting there.

My Coach has been pretty quiet since we had 2 long long talks after the race, but he has steadily remained super supportive of me, and I think we now have the time to train along the plan he actually envisioned for me in the first place. We will see.

Work has been super difficult and weird.  Not bad, but just well, a lot of work.  All the new Federal Regulations have me in a tail spin…and I have so many concerns about things I’m missing.  My Job encompasses so many different things, and it seems everyone wants a piece of me… WHich is good, and bad.  Good because they are paying close attention to things, and Bad because I seem to be attending tons of useless meetings.

Between all of this the one things that I did realize was how much of a community I have built up here in Florida.  When I arrived home, I was really exhausted and disappointed, humbled and just drained.  Arrived at work the next morning and immediately my buddies in the Intensive Care Unit were surrounding me with support and good wishes.  Got to the gym, and the front desk lady was right there to sit and chat with, one of the Exercise Physiologists sat down with me for a bit and was so comforting…then my Coach and Mrs. Coach were both pillars of support.  My Surgeon was thrilled to find out I had been able to complete the race, despite my difficulties.  This week I ran into the manager of Physical Therapy, and she told me how excited and proud she was of me as well.  So you know there is always something good coming out of everything.


One thought on “Wow, shall I give some folks an update?

  1. I could never finish a marathon, or even a half-marathon, or a walk-run with kids. (I did the latter once with my daughters for some local charity, and after six miles, man, were we beat.) So I think you’re being too hard on yourself. I know you have a personal best to run against and you’re used to doing better: but I’ve been following this blog since—what, a year and a half? You’ve undergone surgery and physical therapy after suffering through hip pain (which sounded so bad I used to grab my leg just to make sure it was still there), and look where you are now! So chillax. (This kid bagging my groceries at the store said this to me. I thought it was funny but he was serious, which was sweet.) I think you’ve accomplished a lot!

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