I’m doing my very typical Sunday Afternoon activity.





I ran out of training plan today.

Typically I send an email to my coach on Sunday, and I get one back late Sunday Night.

So, this is typical.

Sadly for me, this week, I was kind of a large pain in the rear to my coach.

I didn’t intend to be, it just was kind of that sort of week.

I saw him on Monday because I wanted to borrow some cones.  I guess he wasn’t busy because we had a chat, and he showed me some more exercises.

Tuesday, I was supposed to have my bone scan and massage. Massage therapist double booked me.  My Bone Scan came out AWESOME, and I really wanted to share that with someone who “got it”. So I told the coach, and he was pleased.

Wednesday I realized I had forgotten to pay the coach.  He didn’t seem concerned, and I imagine he had forgotten.  But, me being like an elephant did not.  and Like an elephant, the unpaid bill sat on my chest.

29284778So I figured on Thursday I’d try to pop by and pay him before my MD appointment to discuss my Dexa-Scan.

I did.  He gave me the look as I tried to scoot out of there, and reminded me to email him.  I’m thinking…how the heck am I supposed to email actual cash money.  But I think he was also reminding me gently that he is indeed at work, and if we want this to work, I need not disturb him while he is working.  Usually I am good at that.  This week, I was not.  But you can bet for at least the next month, I will be.

It’s been a big roller coaster of a month for me.  I’ve been lucky to have some people in my life that were steady as rocks, even when all the other ones were, rather, errr, disappointing. My coach was one of the steady ones, he was so supportive of me at critical times, and without any creepiness, I might add.  That I just hate that I may have disappointed him.  In addition, I REALLY need his plan for the next few months.  Training is going like gangbusters.   I am enjoying it, and am uninjured, and I’ve got a  big race in 6 months.

So Waiting…

We’ll see what I get….





4 thoughts on “Waiting

    • Yes…I got my email about 1 hour or so after this pot which was really early and much appreciated. I will eventully share about bone scan and also my microbiological fingernails, which are making it super hard to type at the moment.

  1. I’m sure your coach has dealt with more difficult clients. I don’t think what you’ve done is that bad. Maybe mildly thoughtless, but it’s not like you called him in the middle of the night to tell him your feet feel funny. 🙂

    Hope your roller coaster goes up and stays there for awhile—or at least levels out to where you’re happy. Waiting is hard, though.

    • I dunno, seems I am his only client, and I’m quite difficult. But it’s true it wasn’t so bad. I’m feeling pretty OK right now. Lots of stuff that isn’t super pleasant, but…I love Tuesdays and it’s almost Tusday!

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