Life’s Little updates…

OK it’s July… Last Update I posted was June. Lets see if I can synopsize what’s going on in life!

Work!  Work is crazy stressful.  I have so much data, and multiple requests for data…And then, it seems people want to dump things on me.  Case in Point:

I do “Environment of Care” inspections- where I walk around and make sure that things are safe.  So a while ago I noted that some of our eyewash stations were missing eyewash.  I sent a few emails, and instead of the Safety officer taking care of it, a case of eyewash shows up in my office.  Yeah right.  I’m the Infection Preventionist.  I am not the distributor of eyewash.  Email sent saying, “I don’t do this, and it can’t stay in my office.”  Within about an hour, the Safety officer is back to remove it.  DUH.  Later that day I get email from Environmental Service Head: “Can you investigate for me why the Cath Lab is asking for so many terminal cleans?”  I reply back that nothing has changed in our policies, but that she might try talking to the Cath Lab first, as they have the information she wants….. There’s more, but I think that’s enough!

Most of the work I do is rather complicated, and behind the scenes.  Recently the Assistant Manager finally read the guidelines for Ventilator associated conditions.  She was floored at how complex they are.  I appreciated her reading them because now when I say, “I have some things to work up…she gets it.

SO work is work.  I got very overwhelmed on Wednesday, causing me to reschedule the Infection Prevention Committee meeting to give me more time to decide how to present the data I now have.  My main goal over this 4 day holiday weekend, get organized here at home and come back FRESH to the data on Monday!

In addition for work I am now studying for the Certification in Infection Control.  The exam is tough, and the first chapter has been FILLED with Cell Biology.  I had no idea there were so many different markers on our CD3 CD4 and CD8 cells..

I feel like once I complete the studying and am reviewing I will know a lot more than I do now.  So that takes up some time outside of work. It’s a bit tough as I really do not enjoying spending my time studying, but I do like learning.  Of course it would help if I had any random idea what would be on the exam.


Training:  I’m enjoying most of the training.  I have had some really fun workouts!  In the past year, I’ve found a workout partner from the hospital.  once a week or so we do a workout together, and it’s really fun to do it with her.  We usually do tuesdays because it’s a crazy workout day, (something akin to Swim then jump out and run, then back into the pool and swim, then jump out and run again…) that we both enjoy.  So that has helped me to enjoy that early morning workout more.  My Coach/Trainer initially gave me this workout one time, but I loved it so much, he decided to add it to every tuesday. I really appreciate that he is willing and interested enough to adjust my plan to include more things that I really do enjoy doing.  So still liking working with him.

I’m struggling with the Florida Summer for training.  It’s so hard to explain, and there is no point in complaining about it, since it is HOT and it will be for probably 3 more months.

I think I kind of forgot about the heat.  See 2 years ago, I was still recovering from Hip Surgery, and spent most of the time in AC doing PT.  1 year ago I had just started my crazy new job and was not really working out that hard.  (Trainer/Coach and I would not team up until September).   This summer, Whoa.  Last weekend I ran 13 miles.  It was a bit like a Death Valley experience.  Running in Heat and Humidity does not make for a great experience.  Supposedly it will make me faster as it cools off. Currently, I have my doubts even though..I admit, I have seen myself get faster every fall….


This heat chart kind of indicates how things are.  Most of my runs are done in the yellow zone, so…. we shall see.

Teulu is doing better than expected!  He seems to like my 8-4:30 schedule.  Even though I usually get home around 6 pm….

Otherwise, not much going on.  I’m headed to Utah next weekend….


Running a half marathon!  Gonna be Fun!!!!


5 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates…

  1. As I probably said before, I work in a hospital lab. The Quality Assurance position for just the lab is a nightmare. I am doing the generalist med tech job…I wouldn’t want all the responsibility that you guys have!

    I am glad there are people like you who take on those demanding job!

    Good luck in Utah! You are crazy busy!

    • Ha! I have to say we don’t have a QA person for the lab, so I do that as well, and it is very confusing because I’m not a laboratorian! I just did an experiment with the lab- put on those horrid plastic nails for a week…then we swabbed them. WOW….so far the cultures are still growing!

      • Oh, ick! I can only imagine all the critters living under fake nails! I think Micro is my favorite department to work. I work with a lot of crazy people.

        Holy crap, you are doing lab QA, too?!?!

        Ok, you really DO have a lot on your plate.

  2. I can’t believe it is two years since your hip surgery and one year since you started your job. Goodness life is running away. Glad you found time to spend with us.

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