Pre-Race Nerves.

Reblogging from my other blog.

30 weeks of Marathon training.

I’ve got a week or so before my Race on July 12.

All of a sudden I’m kind of nervous.

I signed up for this thing in December.  It was 35.00.  Kind of funny because of course with Airfare, hotels, car rentals, etc this is possibly the most expensive race I’ve done.  Now…I had a free airline credit, so my ticket actually cost me only about 100.00 but last year in June I paid about 600.

So this is a cool cool Race.  The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.  For 35.oo…(and my plane, hotel, car etc)  I get to:

Run through a National Park.



I mean WOW.  So many race courses run you through town.  You pass by like…CVS, or Walgreens.  Here, well…Just look at it.

parkshotApparently there is a Medal…

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon MedalThank you to this blogger for posting this photo.  THis is the 2010 medal….It was the best…

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