My name…is not….


Now is it Sweetie.  Dear.  etc.

Lately everyone seems to want to call me these names.  People who barely know me. But they do know my name.

Case in point, The assistant manager of my apartment complex.  She just called to complain that I do not have my renters insurance page that she needs.  Well.  my policy does not expire until August.  She is a completely nasty person.  A few months ago, I shorted the rent check by a whopping 9.00 USD. (They combine our utilities and rent and sometimes it’s confusing to me what I actually owe.) I got a very excited call from her.  I told her I’d bring it by in the afternoon as I was at work.  She then began screeching at me that it had to be a check.  I said, fine I will bring you a check.  She screeched longer.  When I first moved in, I had purchased a new car.  Yes, A brand new one.  She made multiple comments about how “It must be nice to afford a new car”  As if it was any of her business.  I mean, hey, I am so sorry that she is stuck working what is by all means, a fairly unpleasant job which probably doesn’t pay that well, but that was her choices in life, not mine.  If I want a new car (and in this case, I needed one as my trusty car had broken down irreparably.)  I will get one without the commentary on an assistant manager of my apartment building.

During my renewal process, I called and renegotiated my contract from a 5% increase to a 3% increase as there really has not been any improvement in the services.  I spoke to the manager and told her that I really disliked this lady.  The manager told me I didn’t have to deal with her any more.  BUT then today, she calls.  So I do the very best I can to be civil, because after all, she is just doing her job- and we know that some people are not very good at their jobs.

Today she called and was telling me that a year ago an incorrect document was provided for renter’s insurance.  Well…they didn’t note it until now, so this is really not my issue. I have the required insurance.

At the end of the phone call she made that fatal mistake.  She called me Honey. Oh this is so not going to end too well for her.  I have a package coming this week…So I will have to go by the office.  I wonder if she would enjoy being called “sugar” by me?  Except fot he fact that doing so may make me barf.

Deep cleansing breaths.


5 thoughts on “My name…is not….

  1. Ugh. I get why you don’t want to move and be rid of this person for good, but her behavior over the shorted check would have set off alarms for me. I’d also be tempted to make a snippy retort when someone made comments about my car or called me “honey,” but the assistant manager sounds like she wouldn’t be above doing something spiteful like “losing” your rent check.

    I dunno. I tend to become very business-like and direct when I have to deal with these sort of people. It takes too much energy to be cleverly sarcastic with them.

  2. I feel for you. The bad thing about people in jobs like this–where you sorta depend on them for your living situation–they get to feeling like they are in a position of power, so they make your life miserable. I don’t have advice to give you. My son is in similar situation with his landlord. He used to say he’d never be a home owner, but this first apartment experience has changed his mind quickly. He will be lioking for a house as soon as his credit score goes up; probably next spring.

  3. I get a lot of “dahl” in the country. A twenty year old should not dare to call me dahl. I also have a teacher at school, who says my name incorrectly despite everyone else being able to say it and my wearing a name tag at all time. It is like she call me Mrs Flamin–dancer instead of Flamingodancer. It is 18 months now and too late to say something. Waiting for the day when one of the students pick her up on it!

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