Nike Lunar Racer Shoe Review (Or the story of how I came to be running in a pair of Purple crayon shoes)

Yes, I’m not really a Mizuno-girl anymore.  Mizuno has a new shoe that just came out, the Sayanora.   It is supposed to compete with a lot of the other minimal-istic shoes.  I don’t know.  It’s a brand new shoe, and so quite expensive, and really I am not so sure it will live up to the hype.  In addition, maybe I am a bit peeved.  I get emails inviting me to be a shoe ambassador for Mizuno, and my “application” is always rejected!  (As, I am sure, are hundreds of other people’s).

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I noted much to my displeasure that my shoes had holes in the soles.  Not like enormous ones, but up at the toe…I had worn a significant hole.  From toeing off on both feet.

So what’s the big deal?  I mean it’s pretty simple to go buy a new pair of shoes.

Yeah.  These were my BELOVED  Saucony Mirages.  THe ORIGINAL Mirages.  These shoes served me so well.  I found a sale on them from 90 USD to about 35.  I bought about 4-5 pairs.  I am pretty sure Holabird Sports thought it was kind of crazy.  Eventually I decided to start transitioning in to the Mirage 2.  Oh wow.  It was like an entirely different shoe.  TO start with the 2 was HUGE.  The toe box was way bigger, and the entire shoe last seemed to be built based on big foot.


I knew that I had to make a transition at this point because my multiple pairs of Mirage ones were starting to run out.  I continued to run in the 2’s and really to their BIG credit, I didn’t have any real injury issues, I just frankly- did not love them or even like them.  They seemed stiffer, and less responsive than my old ones.

Eventually I went to Fleet Feet Orlando and did the whole Tread mill gait analysis and such.  After trying on probably 4-5 pairs of shoes, I ended up with the Mirage 3 and actually a pair of Superfeet inserts that caused me HORRIBLE horrific pain in a variety of places.  Fleet Feet was kind enough after seeing my distress to agree to take the Berry Insoles back, but…I have not returned them..they were cut specially for me and while I am sure the guy thought they would work, even with breaking them in super slowly, they did not help me, they actually aggravated several problems. So it seems wrong to return them, they were just a bad choice on my part.  In fact, I was training for a Marathon at the time and the increased super steep miles may have also aggravated me.  At any rate, I went back to the LAST Original Mirage’s I had knowing that by now I would have plenty of time to train/finish etc the Marathon in them.  Which I did.  Post Marathon mess, I really ignored shoes or thoughts of shoes until suddenly, wham bam, there were holes in the Mirages.  When I run in the Mirage three, my heel becomes incredibly unstable.  Apparently the difference is something called Flex-film.  It’s a light type of plastic-y overlay on the shoes where stitching used to be.  For a lot of people this allows the shoe to feel more flexible, and more custom fitting. It also makes the shoe weigh less, AND I am sure costs the company less.

I actually thought I was going to go to the New Sayanora.  But It wasn’t out yet.  SO, I went to my Trusty Local Running store.  I explained my need for shoes, and instead of a treadmill evaluatione tc, the woman there really really looked at my soles.  She told me that the wear was so far out on the edges that I could probably use neutral shoes.  The next day…4 pairs were waiting in my size.  I ran in a new Adidas shoe that I adored, except the last again was designed for people with HUGE feet – and they do not make a Narrow.  Sadness. I tried the Saucony Kinvara, which felt good, some other shoe which does not warrent any memory at all…and the Nike Lunar Racer.


At first glance, as I was putting them on, i was thinking, “Oh these are like tissue paper, they will never work”  After about a half a mile on the treadmill, I was thinking, Ha..How strange these shoes are surprisingly supporting.  Interestingly they also use the flex film on the heel but the heel is slightly higher or something.

Since the Adidas shoe fit me “all wrong” (and really there is no reason for the two sides of a shoe to overlap over the tounge entirely is there?)  I went with the Nikes.  The Kinvara was awesome, but…well.  Not for me.  The Sales person also mentioned the Cortana, which turns out to be one very expensive shoe which is very similar to the Mirage.  It went on sale this week, and I think it will be my distance shoe.

So.  How has the Lunar Racer been performing?

Pretty good.  It’s light, but supportive.  I’m a bit concerned as the 554683660_pink_nike_lunar_racer_3_sneaker2

Sole seems to be wearing a bit quickly on the outer area where the two white squares are.  Apparently that is not where most people land strike or use heavily.  Nike feels the black spots are the heavy hit spots.  I have some news for Nike.  But I have only been running in these shoes for 2-3 weeks, and sometimes what looks like a lot of wear is just the initial roughing up of a shoe.

It fits well.  Especially in the heel, it totally cups the heel and is not loose.

I wear Tulli’s Heel Cups- so this is really not a minimalist shoe when I use it.

The longest I’ve run in them is 7 miles.  I am thinking of using them for my Half Marathon this weekend, but nothing longer.  While they are supportive….they aren’t “that” supportive. The toe box is pretty big, my toes feel like they are swimming, but I have not had any major issues, and since it’s summer after about 2 miles my feet swell quite a lot, so I may be really appreciating that bigger toe box.  The tounge apparently had some issues with some runners, but I always wear socks, so I have not had my skin taken off by the tounge.  It’s really flat and in a lot of ways, I kind of like it better than the traditional padded tounge.

The color, well, reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon.   

2012-harold-and-the-purple-crayon-logoBut you know when you buy from a shop you take the color the orderer though was pretty. Still, I almost never look at my own shoes when running so who cares!

So in conclusion, I think these are pretty good shoes for races up to a 10K to a half distance.  Really I’m not so sold yet on them for a half, but if the Cortana’s don’t come soon, I can update on what it’s like to run a half in them.  THey fit well, and do somehow offer a load of support without feeling supportive.

2 thoughts on “Nike Lunar Racer Shoe Review (Or the story of how I came to be running in a pair of Purple crayon shoes)

  1. I run in a couple different Saucony shoes and I have noticed that if I really like a certain model I won’t like the next, but the one after will be good again. I don’t know if they do that purposely to suit a wider variety of runners or if they really believe they are making it better each time they switch back and forth.

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