Life updates.

Well.  It’s been about 2 weeks since I wrote my last Post.

I’m still kind of struggling with the aftermath of Dale Tusen’s Death.  Some days I feel better, other moments, I really find myself feeling just miserable.  Dale’s interaction with me on my workouts was pretty much a daily thing.  In the mornings, when I’d post up a workout, and the phone would ding…and I’d think, “Thats gotta be Dale”  It got to be such a regular thing that I kind of occasionally took it for granted.  Not any more.

It’s such a shock when someone who is entirely healthy and so vibrant is just Gone.

As time goes by I do feel better and better.  I focus on how I can support his family.  There will be a memorial ride next year, and I am hoping that I might be able to be in attendance for that as well.

Work has been very difficult lately.  We have a low census at the Hospital, so I actually had 4 hours cut each week from my schedule.  Seems awesome.  I do love having the time in the gym at the not peak hours.  This friday I did a FABULOUS luxurious swim in the daylight.  BUT, on the not so plus side, I actually kind of need that 4 hours to get some stuff done.  With several new regulations, many hospitals are going through a very tough time, ours included.  I need to start seriously studying for my certification exam.  I always mean to but then real life gets in the way.

Training has been good.  I am feeling a bit of fatigue from the workouts, and the extreme heat here has caused me to feel pretty miserable on the weekends.  I’ve been doing plenty of napping when I probably should be studying.  I’ve had good communication with the guy who does my coaching, I think, so I hope I am on track for the Marathon.  We have been trying to make some time to actually go over some of the plan, but…he has been working like a maniac for some reason, so I tend to be seeing him on his way to one or another job…and each time I see him he says, “We need to make a time to get together”  So hopefully this is the week. I am feeling a bit unfocused.

So the combination of training fatigue and Job stress has made me decidedly a little less tolerant of People and their Bull Shit.  I have had to be really careful and bite my tongue.

So all is well.  Work is incredibly incredibly stressful.  Training is pretty tough right now…I should be studying, and I should maybe try to have a social life…. Maybe.




3 thoughts on “Life updates.

  1. So sorry about the work stress. We are hearing about spending cuts daily at my hospital. Of course the CEO and VPs still get ridiculous salaries and huge bonuses.
    Ah, well, that’s life these days!
    Hang in there!!!

  2. It’s funny how, after the death of a friend, you learn more or less to accept it, but at the same time, you can miss him so much. I’m sorry he died in such a terrible way: I worry about my son, an avid cyclist who travels late at nights, sometimes on very dark back roads. He has lights and reflectors all over his bike, and he wears a helmet; but compared to a rushing car, he’s so small and vulnerable.

    I’m sorry about the stress as well, though having a tranquil swim in the middle of the afternoon must be great. Hope things at work gets better.

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