Olympic Angst.


The Winter Olympics, which for whatever reason I Love…are being held in Sochi, Russia in February 2014.

When Russia was announced, I was fairly neutral about it. I actually thought it might be a good thing, as Russia’s economy has not really been that great.

Then a few weeks ago I started to see unusual and surprising to me news articles posted on Facebook.   Yes, Facebook.  It’s not exactly always a good place to get news, but…I’m not a news whore.  I’m actually kind of a news avoider.  I mostly do my job which takes up a lot of brain capacity, and train at the gym.  Time left over, I attempt to clean my house- and I do read Facebook voraciously.  I LIKE to see other people’s kids, promotions, piano recitals, vacations to Aruba.  It doesn’t irritate me like it seems to some others.

Here are some links to the new law passed in Russia.  It is benignly called a “Family Values Law” Except that it is more of a “Hate Law” than anything resembling family values.

Passing such a law is one thing.  But what has been occurring in Russia is another.  From what I have read it appears that this is now a fairly regular occurrence.  THis is really unacceptable.

And I’m torn.  People are calling for a Boycott of the Olympics.  It makes sense.

And then there are other statements, saying to ban Russia from it’s own games..etc…

Realizing that the Olympics are in 2014….I say it’s just time to have the IOC grow some Balls…or a Uterus… And MOVE the Olympics to somewhere more acceptable.  There is absolutely no reason why they have to have it in Sochi.  Sure they have been preparing, but…frankly….I just wish the IOC would act like adults.  Human Rights are being violated.  Sport is never just Sport.  I’ve got to agree with Stephen Fry (who I actually was blissfully unaware of).  Move them.  There are many many places that are capable of handling the games, that need the financial boost that the games provide, and would be able to welcome ALL athletes in a manner which they deserve.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Olympic Angst.

  1. The line you hear from the International Olympic Committee is that it takes years for a city to prepare for the Olympics, and they can’t break the contract they have with the host city or they’ll be held liable….yadda yadda. I’m sure one of the cities that recently hosted the Olympic Games—I’m all for them going back to Vancouver!—would be happy to have them again. But you would think the Committee would screen countries for their human rights record. I had qualms about them having the Olympics in China, where one of the designers of the Olympic pavilion was later arrested for a trumped-up charge of tax evasion following some critical remarks he made about the government’s response to charges of corruption. Yet it was generally agreed that China did a good job of hosting the Olympics, at least for the athletes. Apparently that’s all that matters to the Olympic Committee. 😦

    I don’t think Putin really has much interest in “family values,” given the way he treats his wife, btw. This has more to do with his pandering to the Orthodox Church, which supports and openly campaigns for Putin.

    • I was actually kind of concerned about that choice as well…I recall blogging about it and having my computer implode. I always wondered if it was China…that broke my computer that is. I am very concerned that this is tolerated. People have a right to be who they are.

  2. Wow! Hate seems to really be in vogue these days. This is not the first blog I’ve read today about one group spewing hate or doing something hurtful towards members of another community. This is an awful trend and history has shown that it’ll get worse before it gets better unless people take a stand against it.

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