Training week recap

As always, if you want to read all the gory details of my training, go HERE.  But I feel like doing a week recap.

When I got the email from Mr. Coach I was already trying to get some sleep.  But I pulled it open on my phone.  My eyes probably lit up a bit, because I saw a nice increase in running miles, while preserving all of my favorite workouts.  Awesome.  I was a little nervous about the increase, but I decided just to take each workout as it was and see how I did.

Monday’s workout was so nice and easy it was kind of a great party workout.  I swam for about 15 minutes and ran for about 10.  Unknown-1

Tuesday I did the workout with a friend, and we really loved it.  Swim/RUN/Swim/RUN

It was a lot longer of a run, and I really really enjoyed it.  Though watching shark week, made the swim a little scary.



Having my friend made all the difference.  You know…it’s one thing to do a strange workout, but when you do it with a friend, giggling all the way through it, suddenly instead of looking like a workout freak, everyone looks at you as if “Hey they are doing something fun and special…”

Plus, J. is a real friend, and spending time with her is really affirming and fun.  So tuesday was AWESOME.

Wednesday…I had a tempo run which did fail.  It was brutally HOT.

humidWhatever I had eaten really disagreed with me and I had some nausea and stomach cramps.  This workout did not go well at all.  BUT, I was pleased that I completed it.

Thursday was an easy day 2500 swim.  Which I executed in the afternoon with my friend J.  Then I went and met Mr. and Mrs. Coach for my weights workout.  The weights were tough, and I was having a bit of trouble focusing.  There were a lot of strange people in the gym/clubhouse.  I did feel fairly secure in having Mr. Coach there, I figured with Mrs. Coach present he was not going to let anyone have an issue.

Friday was my dreaded Yasso workout.  My friend really helped me with this by meeting me and slowing me way down on my warm up. She then was a

rabbit-and-tortoise-thumbSlow rabbit for turtle me.  Instead of running beside me and trying to pace me, she ran a little behind me so I could go at my own pace.  This worked out really well, especially on the last interval when I was trying to quit. I ended up doing well.  Immediately after I felt like a true suffering human, but…then after a few hours I started to feel really good about it.

Saturday, I think I woke up with DOMS.  I was so sore and feeling kind of tired.  I did my fun cycle and run workout.  The cycle was tough for me.  I felt sore and tired, but I pushed it as best I could.  The run was super warm and sticky.  I saw loads of cyclists, not another runner.  By the end of it I was getting accustomed to feeling like road kill.  Best part was locking eyes with a cyclist who finished when I did.  He said “nice day”  I said, “Yeah it was a touch cool”  to which he replied, “Yeah there was not enough cloud cover at all.”  I think I fell in love right then and there.

I felt pretty drained, so I rested and rested.  Did a little dog walking. Hung out, did some dishes and laundry.

And prepared for the long run…

Today my Long run just entirely stank.  it’s super hot wet warm…hard to describe.  The first mile felt loads better than last week, so i was encouraged.  But, eventually the heat and humidity won out and I started to do a walk run, shuffle thing.  I was so frustrated.  I had had a pretty good training week.  But now I was failing with the long run.  And I did fail, big time.

At 3:30 or so I decided to suck it up and pool run the 4 miles I was missing.  The pool felt AWESOME.  So hot out, but so nice and cold.  So I slipped in and started to jog.  I enjoyed the sunshine.  I didn’t realize that Mr and Mrs. Coach were also enjoying a pool workout.  At some point they got out and I recognized him, he asked how I was, and I told him I’d had better days and he kind of made fun of me, well, whatever…

Sadly for me the pool apparently closes at 4 pm, so that was pretty much a wash.  I ran into Mrs. Coach in the locker room.  She told me she had stopped her long run short as well today as it was just super warm.  That did make me feel less wimpy…or as I told Mr. Coach, at least I was a wimp with company.

So we’ll see.  I told him I thought I was doing too much… We’ll see what he comes back with.  I was really questioning this today.  So we’ll really see.

I know its time for me to trust in what I can’t see, but…well….we’ll see.




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