Labor Day

Ahhh Labor day…the day where we pause and rest?

Well, not really.  Most stores are open and so for tons of folks it isn’t even a holiday.  Hospitals, Diners, Burger Joints….So Labor day, or a day to get paid Holiday/Overtime pay?

For me this marks the beginning of CRAZY insanity at work, and of course coincidently the “Just got real” portion of the Marathon training.

So, this day…this one day is a day where I actually am going to have to try to CRAM in multiple things to help me succeed in the next 2 months.  Here’s what I’m going to try to do.

Iron clothing that needs ironing.

Launder and fold/hang all dirty clothing.

Shopping, get extra dog food so I do not have to go get it in an emergency.

Make poster for presentation tomorrow. (oops little behind the time there.)

have breakfast/lunch with a friend so I do not need to try to see her during my busy time. (I know, right?)

Figure out what to do about the mis functioning ipod shuffle.  sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  When it doesn’t it’s yukky.

Arrange a Lake swim with Skeletor.

Pay Rent

Shop for one to two pair of new shorts

Shop for VB stuff for Infection control gift bags.

Do some Xmas shopping – so again, I do not have to fuss with it later.

get post cards for Grandma.

Make Halloween cards for the nephews.

Run 2 miles (DONE!)

Stretch for 30 minutes…

See if I can get massage today instead of tomorrow.

Clean the house more thoroughly.

Yes Labor Day, will be a day of Labor for me!


5 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. I am making some progress:
    poster is done
    massage is done
    all attempts to pay rent on this holiday have been totally foiled…
    working on laundry and dishes…I should pull out the iron.

  2. On my flight from LA to DC coming back from Australia in May, my iPod not only decided it would no longer shuffle but it would also not move off repeat! It played the same song over & over until I manually chose another song to play! It fixed itself after the battery was totally drained and I re-charged it.

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