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So, I find lately that I am really really busy.  My job is now this incredibly challenging dance between staff nurses and Administration…and making sure everyone is semi pacified, and also that patients….the reason I’m there, are protected…mostly from dirty hands, I swear.  That and data processing.

Then there is this crazy thing, Marathon training. I’m less intimidated this time, mostly I think because I’ve worked out with my coach that I only get one week at a time, so even though I have seen the long runs and know they are out there, I don’t actually remember when most of them are, so I can not stress over them.  I look at the week and kind of go “Oh BOY!” sometimes, or “Oh Brother…”  depending and then just do it.  It’s sort of autopilot.  This training cycle seems to be going much better than last one, so that’s nice.

But…in the few moments that I do get to myself….I’ve been really troubled by some things going on in this world.  (I’ve also been THRILLED but that’s for a different post.)

I have loads of long cycles and on them I listen to lots of different music, but my favorites are “I believe in the Power of God”  and “Top 20 Christian Hits”  The Top 20 is kind of brainwashing as it cycles some things more frequently so I’ve listened to it less, plus the “I believe station”  has some really really awesome Gospel, and great musicians…so it usually wins.  But this one song has brainwashed me…

I’m not so sure I actually want to live with abandon, but…I do see the point that alot of what we do daily could be more connected to something on a higher level.

As a Christian, I’ve really been meditating on “What would Jesus do?”


This is really an excellent question, and I am rather disgusted at the huge marketing campaign that was built around it.

One thing many Christians forget is WHO Jesus actually was.  He was not a guy who had a steady job, married one lady, had 2.5 kids, did lawn work on the weekend and coached little league.  He was actually more of a revolutionary.  I don’t know if that is exactly the right term, but here’s the deal…Jesus dealt with people that others would not deal with- people with Leprosy, people with mental health problems, women, and women of questionable reputations.  Remember, in those days, it seems it was pretty easy for women to have their reputations tarnished.  

A cute summary from Wiki…

In summary, Jesus had greatly upset the ruling caste, cost them a lot of money and custom, made people think, upset the status-quo, pleased the masses, stressed their hypocrisy, beat their arguments, and most of all He was always right, so He had to go. Active planning on how to set Him up and kill Him had already started a year before His arrest.

this  is from plain old Wiki answers, but I liked it.

And this is why, when some kind of upstanding folks in my town tell me they have based their lives on Jesus, I get a little confused as to why they so clearly standing in the comfortable zone…a place where Jesus did not spend much time.

On that note, I’m very concerned about the situation in Syria.

What would Jesus Do?

Well, I’ve been thinking on it.  I’m not entirely sure.  While *I* may choose pacifism, I am not entirely sure that Jesus did in all circumstances.  He did after all say

Matthew 10:34. “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.

35 “For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’;

36 “and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.

But does this really mean that Jesus came to bring violence…or does this mean that Jesus meant to set the current world view upside down?  I tend to think the second.  I’m fairly sure that Jesus could have been rather violent in doing this as well.  I mean, during the cleansing of the Temple of Money changers, I do not think Jesus went in and politely asked the fellows to leave, and that they meekly got up and left.  

Soooo, there is that.  There are many more examples in the Bible of Jesus being much more peaceful, but still- I wonder.

The Washington Post had an excellent article explaining many things about Syria that “you were too embarrassed to ask”  Indeed.  I read it, as I have been out of the loop.  It was actually quite a convincing little article, explaining why air strikes on Syria make sense..As you read it and I quote from it directly

8. Come on, what’s the big deal with chemical weapons? Assad kills 100,000 people with bullets and bombs but we’re freaked out over 1,000 who maybe died from poisonous gas? That seems silly.

You’re definitely not the only one who thinks the distinction is arbitrary and artificial. But there’s a good case to be made that this is a rare opportunity, at least in theory, for the United States to make the war a little bit less terrible — and to make future wars less terrible.

The whole idea that there are rules of war is a pretty new one: the practice of war is thousands of years old, but the idea that we can regulate war to make it less terrible has been around for less than a century. The institutions that do this are weak and inconsistent; the rules are frail and not very well observed. But one of the world’s few quasi-successes is the “norm” (a fancy way of saying a rule we all agree to follow) against chemical weapons. This norm is frail enough that Syria could drastically weaken it if we ignore Assad’s use of them, but it’s also strong enough that it’s worth protecting. So it’s sort of a low-hanging fruit: firing a few cruise missiles doesn’t cost us much and can maybe help preserve this really hard-won and valuable norm against chemical weapons.

Sure this sounds great.  It isn’t low hanging fruit though. It is a country where people live and exist.  The idea that firing some missiles is going to prevent folks from using chemical weapons in war is kind of ridiculous.

So you can see, we are always coming up with new inventive ways to hurt each other.  Thing is sending some missiles over to Syria- well, it will make a point. And it will stir things up around the globe.  Will it change much?  In the over arching view, I do not think so.   People are still going to die.  If we send missiles over there…well, those missiles, no matter how well aimed, are going to kill people.  Sure, kill a few people, to save thousands?  Sounds kind of like something Jesus would do…He died in order to save humanity.  But…we are not God, how do we decide which people it is OK to kill accidentally?  I mean, looking at it in a detached way sure…it makes sense, but really who  should be the sacrificial lambs here?  Your Brother?  You Mother?  Your Child?  Someone else’s Mother? Another person’s child?  Suddenly it’s harder to think about.

Believing as I do, that there is that of God in everyone…it does not make sense to shoot off a missile that will most definitely kill people….to protest the killing of people with chemical weapons- we will kill more people?

The whole thing makes me sad.  There’s no winning solution to this. No matter what happens we are going to lose more and more of our humanity.

I hope that no air strikes generate from our country, but I don’t know what will happen.  I will be praying about this situation, and hoping.


5 thoughts on “things on my mind recently

  1. Jayne R says:

    Well said and well reasoned, Holly. We need to be on our knees, in constant prayer for our nation and leaders, no matter which side of the political aisle they reside on. I’ll join you in that prayer, as well in hoping.

  2. I’m not Christian, but I agree with you wholeheartedly that God is present in every human being, and to take someone’s life is a terrible thing. I don’t have an opinion as to what should be done in Syria: there’s too much conflicting information, and it seems to come down to who one trusts in this situation. After the invasion in Iraq and the whole hidden-WMDs fiasco, I’m less trustful of government sources. But how much can one tolerate from a dictator in a country that’s in a critical geographical and political area?

    This is a good post, maybe the best I’ve read so far about finding an ethical way to deal with Syria. I hope more people read it.

  3. You have expressed all of this SO well.
    We have had some very unsettling things happen at work. One patient died of septicemia after having an IV unchanged for over two weeks. Argh. 😦

    Jesus. He is so NOT what so many people think. I gave up church and organized religion in an effort to find what I truly feel. Jesus meant what he said. (not that I believe every single word written in the Bible was verbatim.)

    But, he did care for people. Outcasts. Mentally ill. Prostitutes.

    People conveniently forget all of that.

    Syria? I personally think we need to stay out of it. Too many times we have butted in and our “donated” weapons end up used on innocent people. It’s time to stop being the world policeman. It makes people hate us.

    As for war and chemical weapons…:(

    Thank you for sharing this!

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