Freaky updates

So this week contained a Friday the 13th.

Apparently that is why every strange thing occurred this week at work.

I, like most Emergency Nurses, am superstitious.

If you say the name of a patient who comes to the emergency department- they will show up.

If you mention that it’s Quiet, it will soon turn into a 3 ring circus with a Lion in charge.

(note- you can say it is peaceful, etc, but the Q word, of the busy word… whew)

Full moon means a difficult shift.

just when things seem as strange as can be, they usually get stranger.


In my home life, I don’t note the dates as often so…I think it’s just hospitals and other joints that operate around the clock.

Anyway.  My Week.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, I had a meeting on the calendar for our entire office.  We occasional have these…usually totally a waste of my time.  But something felt a wee bit different about this.

A new Head of our department was announced.  It is a physician.  I probably should have seen it coming- the physician has been asking many questions over the past few weeks.

I like her and I was pretty excited about it.  Of course after the big announcement and all of us going back to work- questions started to swirl in my head.  It would seem our department is now rather heavy on management.  As in- we have 2 managers under the physician, each of these managers handles respectively 2 or 3 people.  Hmmm.

Soooo….basically I went on with reporting to my manager and business as usual.

Then Friday, I get an email from the Chief Nursing Officer.  Seems she wanted some information on a variety of things, which I tried to give her.  Then we discussed some other things, and it seems that eventually the plan would be to move me under HER.  But no one wants to say that outright.

security-350x350I personally do not care who is my boss.  The CNO would be loads better than my current situation, but it would have been hard to tell anyone that.

In addition, I Love Job Security.  Right now with the restructuring…things feel pretty insecure.

So…Lets hope for the best shall we?



6 thoughts on “Freaky updates

    • I think there is a plan, but everyone is kind of nervous about sharing it as there may be more protesting than needs to be. In the end the realignment will probably work in my favor. My only concern is if they try to hold me responsible for the infection rate in the hospital…which really relies on the staff doing the right thing at the right time. They know what to do but man, do they not always do it. And that’s true of all hospitals. 😦

  1. Things are very uncertain in our lab. So many changes and not a one of them involves making anything better for employees. I’m not complaining…it’s the same everywhere.

    We definitely notice the increase in craziness around the full moon and Friday the 13ths. More babies born, too! 🙂

  2. Here’s sending you some job security vibes. It sounds like they want to eliminate an office or administrator and have your position folded into a larger department. I don’t think, if this is the case, that you’re in any danger yet, but your current supervisor might be.

    The part where you mention that Friday the 13th and periods of the full moon are when accidents occur more frequently is interesting. I was talking to a community police officer earlier in the summer, and he said the same thing. The number of incidents they get called to jump, though they aren’t necessary criminal complaints. He was once called to an apartment where “funny smells” were emitting from. He thought it was a dead body, but in fact, it was a large slab of meat someone had left out on the kitchen counter. The tenant of the apartment, who was behind on his rent, apparently had left without giving notice, and perhaps out of spite emptied his refrigerator and left everything out to rot. Ew.

    • That is too funny! about the meat.
      As far as my actual position- they can’t eliminate it, it is one that is required. And I am pretty much the only person who understands all the new regulations and laws, BUT…they could definitely decide in another 6 months that they want a different person doing my position. My supervisor does a different job, and so she is not in danger either, though there is the distinct possibility that she will no longer hold the title of Manager. Ah well…we shall see…
      I just need ot keep my head down and continue counting things.

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