Rocking Speed work…

Ok so this post…while running related is also “relationship” related….

30 weeks of Marathon training.

So it is official.

I’ve Broken up with Janice.   This is actually funny.  I wasn’t dating Janice. I date Men….. But it felt like a bad breakup.

Anyway, after several months of working out with her, and her basically getting the benefits of my coaches great planning…and listening to her telling me how “the coaching is not helping you”  and criticize…I finally realized that Janice is a bad friend.  Anyone ever had a bad friend? How long did it take you to realize it, and how did you handle it?



Janice does not have tons of friends and does not have loads of training buddies.  I realized this after thinking about it for a while.  She often gathers people who are not as fast as her and mother hens them. She also is consistently trying to make sure I agree with her- real friends do not worry…

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