Weekly update pre long run….

yep a reblog, If anyone has advice about what to do with my training buddy….feel free…..

30 weeks of Marathon training.

So It has been a wild and Crazy rest week.  I never really did update on any of my workouts.



Work really interfered at the end of the week.  But lets start with the beginning of the week shall we?

So Monday said OFF/run 2 easy…so I was a little unclear…did he want me to take Monday off or run, or choose.  So I decided to run 2 easy… after work.  So of course, after work, it began to Rain and rain…so I did that run on the treadmill.  It was ok, but not as easy as an outdoor run.  I just do not love the treadmill….this week it was to adore me though.

Tuesday was a total total adventure.  I had a run/swim/run/swim workout.  I had some concerns about Janice, my workout buddy that I have had to “break up”  with.   This is our typical workout together…

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