And the Burning Calf Saga continues.


30 weeks of Marathon training.

So… the calf problem really continued through the night and kept me from sleep…

Here is a excerpt from the longest email in the world about legs.

On Friday… I started to have this kind of burning, soreness in my calves.  I chucked on compression and didn’t think too much of it.  It continued on Saturday, and I thought…well…the cycle will flush it out.  The cycle did not flush it out.  So, I did the 6 miler with this odd feeling super heavy lower legs and the odd tweaky feeling up in my hip area.  I made sure to walk on some of the bigger hills, it was quite warm out there.  I felt for the people doing the Tri.  Wow they had it tough.  
So after my run…calves still felt all burning…So I iced them, and the hip…went home, rested.  calves continued to burn, so much so…

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