The rest of the Week.

30 weeks of Marathon training.

Wow what a CRAZY week.

Look here for some details.  I actually didn’t give all the details, but really…it’s enough. 

by Tuesday I was having major problems with fatigue and continuing myalgias.  I attempted my workouts and they were AWFUL.  So I went and had a consultation with my coach…and another guy at the gym who I hoped had dealt with this before. 

The Gym guy helped me with some basic advice on how to heal.  Gave me some interesting dietary advice, which I actually have followed.  He’s an interesting person in that occasionally he can be a putz, but Tuesday he was ready to help, though in quite a rush.

My Coach is a super fantastic guy.  He told me to stop. I actually felt for the first time EVER that I had disappointed him.  It was not a good feeling at all, though I think he’d argue that…

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