This Sucks!

So  Out of my recent mishap…there have been lessons.  Multiple lessons.  I was going to write some more peacefully and gratefully about how this has taught me this and that, but after a bit I just realized THIS SUCKS.

Yes I learned some lessons they will probably help me in the future.


But I can;t pretend that I am not feeling a lot of bitter disappointment.  And nervousness about the future races.

I’m angry at my doctor for not really telling me that this could happen, and I’m angry at myself for not reading the label more carefully..and I’m just plain angry.  Worst part of this, is that my main coping mechanism…is not there either.

Sooo grumpy.


One thought on “This Sucks!

  1. You didn’t know this was going to happen, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Doctors….:rolls eyes: Yeah, I have one who didn’t believe me when I told him large doses of ibuprofen cause my blood pressure to soar. “I’ve never had any patient with that problem.” Well, read the literature on the drug and tell me then why my BP hits 170/40 after I’ve taken those pills you prescribed for me.

    I’m not Christian these days, but back when I was, we used to say, “Give it up to Jesus.” Meaning, when your problems become too much to handle, you surrender and let them go for awhile. Come back to them when you are stronger, but in the meantime, take a deep breath and let go. It is hard to be humble at moments like these. but you’re not always in control of these things, and it helps to admit it. Hope you feel better and are able to get some rest. It does sound like you deserve to take it easy for a little bit. 🙂

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