30 weeks of Marathon training.

I took a rest last weekend,  and this week has been a nice week of “active rest” so far.  No grueling workouts.  It seems this week, I just breeze into the gym, cycle a bit, and head out.

That is not entirely true, but it is a week of active rest.

I am slower than I was before this medication misadventure occurred. Not by a ton, but it’s apparent.

On Sunday I sent my coach an email asking about the potential for Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  It is 9 weeks away, and the price goes up on the 31st.

He told me it was just kind of iffy.  Asked about a different marathon. with similar elevations etc. at a later date.

I took a breath, and looked.  I mean what are you gonna do?

There is a brand new Marathon that is totally local.  But Everyone I know is doing…

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