Give this Christmas Away…

It has been a pretty good year for me, right up until October.

I have settled into my job quite a bit more.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing the positive results of many of the programs I’ve instituted.  I no longer have super anxiety like I did last year at this time.  Some things are still very confusing and difficult, but it’s a lot better.  My hours which were cut in the summer, have now been restored for the full 40 hour work week.  So I also have some money I am not used to having.

My training for the most part went very very well.  I had some FUN races...  and I was starting to see some real fitness being built.  I learned to negotiate some things, and developed some new skills in training.  Even though I have suffered quite a set back, most of those lessons still hold true and I just have to rebuild.

While I surely have not found the love of my life, I have some really solid friendships, and a great support system here in Florida.  I’m lucky that I work with people I genuinely LIKE, RESPECT and ADMIRE.  I’m lucky that my outside of work friends are the same- really wonderful people.  Not everyone has co-workers who seem to have your back, and to have friends on top of that well, it’s really great.

Despite all of this, I am feeling a bit BLUE about the Holidays.

holiday_generalholiday_headerIn thinking about it, I realize now this is probably because much of my holiday plans were centered around the Race on December 29, smack in the middle of Holiday week.  Because of this, I didn’t make plans to go home and see my family, for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Now, with there not being quite as intense training/focus during that time I feel a bit out of the loop.  I may still go for Thanksgiving, just to see my family, but I think it might be very inconvenient for my parents who have a small home, and it is really set up for just one family to visit.  I always end up being shuffled out to the couch, and then everyone feels awkward, and etc.

I know I have another shot at another race, but I just want people  reading to understand that the December race was essentially a stepping stone to my Ultimate Bucket List Item and for the first time, it seemed as if I was going to achieve it…I’ve been working for this since about 2009. So, when that was crushed, it was like someone snatched my project away from me and didn’t even really give me any Jello  pudding.  It really has been hard for me.

So, keeping in mind the verse that really hit me…

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your interests, but also to the interests of others.

And then looking at some Operation Christmas CHild Videos, I decided this year, I really should just “Give Christmas Away”

So…with that in mind…I’m really focusing on those people who “have it worse”  than I do.  And this year, there are SO MANY people and families hurting that I’m aware of.

So in that spirit, I’m going to do my Operation Christmas Child Boxes as always… (Look for a post on them soon!)

I also have an address and a wish list for a unit serving in Afghanistan.  These are people I know through a co-worker who served with them, SO, if you want to donate to troops- this one is not a scam, let me know- I can forward you the address.

I’m going to shop for the local food donation this week.

In addition, I know 2 families that have lost Fathers this year, both with young children.  I can not imagine the pain that these young widows are feeling, and while money will not ease that pain, it can ease worry, so I will be finding a way to discreetly slip some gift cards to them.

And I know one family who has been touched by leukemia.  I’m still working on a package that will support that family in the best possible way…but I want it to go out in the last week in November.

ANyone Care to join me in Giving Christmas away in 2013?




8 thoughts on “Give this Christmas Away…

  1. I’m sorry you are having such a tough time at the moment. I read back through your posts and found the problems with your calves interesting – in a warning sort of way. It’s scary how little we know about the possible effects of some of the medicines/supplements we are given by doctors.

    You have some wonderful projects for the holidays – I know you are going to bring joy to a lot of people. Perhaps you can find a volunteering opportunity at Thanksgiving so you don’t feel too separated from your family. It is the one time of the year here (in the US) that I feel a bit disconnected as it is such a traditional family get-together time and I have no family here – it can seem a long 4 days off work!

    And, it will not be long until February is here and you’re racing in that marathon and you’re wearing that weird t-shirt 🙂

    • It *IS* a weird shirt. I know its not about the shirt, but… I started today with the Holiday giving by donating some stuff to the food bank at a race. The nicest thing was when a lady said, “Oh I forgot to bring mine” and I said, No problem, I have a bunch, I can give for you too. 😀

      • We have a number of holiday initiatives through work this year. I’m participating in two: one is “Comfort Bags” for families dealing with illness of a child & spending extended time at Children’s National Hospital here in DC. And the other is an “Ornament” project where we provide for a child whose family is homeless or in a shelter. My child is an 11 year old girl and I’ve just received her wish list – it only has clothes and shoes on it which made me feel quite sad.

    • Thank you for having taken the time to say you were willing to help spread some holiday cheer from here to Afghanistan. After telling my friend Mike, that there were individuals willing to help to see that his section was not forgotten and people wished them the best for the Christmas/Holiday season, it was a great morale builder for his 16 men and servicewomen section. Being that many of you are spread far and wide, I asked him and his Soldiers to come up with a “wish” list. You dont have to get everything on the list, but a little something, even a card can mean the most on bad day far from home. So please read the following list, if you dont want to get something off of it and be creative and original, as I know many of you are, please feel free. Remember, it must be non perishable if food/candies, and non breakable. If shopping or funds are tight, I will post a paypal account at the bottom of this, feel free to donate, Even a few bucks helps. For those who would like to run this by their various places of worship, or schools, feel free. A funny card from an unknown kid can light up a room. Anyway here goes. Once again, I know I speak for Mike and myself when we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
      The list:
      Flushable wipes

      bath tissue, regular tissues

      jigsaw puzzles

      body wash, male and female.
      “Palmers cocoa butter,”

      Powder (body &foot)


      Starkist Tuna packets,
      Flavored drink mixes (crystal lite (fan favorites)
      Razors (hydro 5, another favorite).
      Christmas decorations, lights 110V or battery operated as well as ornaments)
      Sunflower seeds
      dried fruit
      hot sauces, Tabasco, Texas Pete, siracha

      (the BIG WISH LIST) I tunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards (please place separate in little gift-bags, so Mike can make sure they are distributed evenly and fairly.) The Soldiers love them as they can down load music, movies and books.

      Once again Mike said on behalf of his troops they are thankful for anything and everything and they truly appreciate the effort. the first ship dates are approaching Nov 12. then NOV 26th. In past I have used Pack and mail and they have packaged stuff for free then charged shipping only.
      If you have little time for this, or it may be too taxing, trust me I understand. We have set up a paypal account from one of our mutual friends from college and she will go purchase and ship items from McDill AFB.

      The paypal account is :
      if you wish to ship directly please address to:
      LTC Mike McGregor
      HQs, RC(s), B Co, HHBN
      APO AE. 09355

      • I will donate in my name and husband’s name via Paypal around 11/15. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to get things and get them to you before the 26th. My husband Mike is an Army Vet, and well remembers when no one remembered him during Thanksgiving and Christmas when he was overseas. No cards, no care box, nothing.

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