New experience coming up!

I am such a nerd, but I am very excited.  On Monday I have an appointment with an Acupuncturist.



Last marathon training cycle, I had an on going problem with my left ankle, and during this cycle I seemed to have hurt my left hip flexor or something else deeper in that area.  I had been toying with the idea of acupuncture to try to ease those chronic pains.

My Coach had used it and while he never actually recommended it, when I asked about it, he stated he thought it might be a good idea.  I would have probably gone earlier but each time I asked for a recommendation, he did not give me one.  I have no idea to this day where he gets his acupuncture.  A few weeks ago I asked Mona the Massage Therapist for a recommendation and she gave me one.  I fiddled about on that person’s web site.  I think I was a bit intimidated by the 9 page intake form that asked about a ton of stuff that I felt was very personal.

This past week though, I have hurt my right hip.  This is not my surgical hip.  It actually isn’t really even my hip that is hurt.  It’s a definite soft tissue injury, so more that likely I have irritated my piriformis, my glute, hip flexor, and adductor.  Everything hurts.  I ran Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before finally admitting that this wasn’t really feeling normal.  Thursday I took my Rest day and limped around work.  Friday…I hit the gym and finally admitted to my coach that I was having issues.  I had not wanted to tell him.  I had kinda figured that whatever it was it was going to get better, but it did not improve.  I visited the massage table TWICE in one week.  The second visit was horrific.  I cried and cried through most of the appointment.  And after that I decided to give the acupuncturist a call.

I could have had a Friday appointment, but, as I was on the call, I got word that CAP was in house and I was needed to pull policies, and then I was needed for Environment of Care records.  So I politely declined explaining that we were mid survey and I did not think I could leave the hospital.  He was great and we got an appointment on Monday set up via his secretary.

Now, what’s funny…everyone I tell I am having this done, gets really excited.  Seems many of us have an interest in this, but not too many people “go for it”

Oddly, even with my strong foundation in Western Medicine, I believe acupuncture probably works.  

Now I am just wondering how well it will work for me.  There are some areas in my body that are tight, and no amount of massage has fixed them. They are pretty hard to approach with foam rolling even with a softball for foam rolling…

So…I am kind of really excited.  I admit too, the 4 days of almost constant pain in my right…has got me really hoping for a miracle!


4 thoughts on “New experience coming up!

  1. I tried acupuncture once, when I used to have terrible migraines that would keep me out of work for a day or two. I can’t say it worked—I continued to have migraines after my session, but it did seem to lessen their frequency and severity. I do hope it works for you. Just a warning: depending on how sensitive you are, and where they place them, it can hurt when the needles are inserted. I really hate needles, but I hate joint pain and headaches more, so I found them endurable. Others have told me they didn’t feel them at all. I suppose it depends on the acupuncturist as well. Mine was kind of brusque, and I found myself wishing I had found someone more gentle and calming.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experience! I might try it again for my left knee, which has been giving me trouble for over a month.

    • Oh I hope it isn’t painful. The hip pain is getting a bit better with some rest. My biggest concern is that I really want this to improve and I know I can’t expect a miracle…but I really want one!

  2. Oh, I hope the acupuncture works for you! My left hip doesn’t hurt much now during the day, only my left glute and sometimes my left hamstring and ankle. But, it’s much more bareable than last year. I have hope the pain will lessen over time with proper stretching. I hope you feel better soon. Oh, I donated via Paypal for the troops as I said I would. Ashley should have the money very soon.

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