Give this Christmas Away….

So… How is this going for me?

Well…not quite as splendidly generously as I hoped, but it is getting rolling.

Today was one of the last days for drop off of an Operation Christmas Child Box.  I found myself scrambling all over the place to pay the 7.00 USD donation to go with the box, and get the boxes packed.  I didn’t have a theme this year so I feel like my boxes were less “fun”  but actually they contained good stuff.  I did a box for a teen girl and it had:


  • Compact mirror in a flower case
  • a cool folding ruler
  • pens
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • candy
  • soft santa one size fits all slippers
  • calculator (solar)
  • note pads
  • toothbrush and paste and soap
  • a string backpack
  • a squeezey stress ball
  • a mini frisbee.

The other box was even more strange and for a 6-10 yr old girl.

  • toothbrush and paste and soap
  • heart theme flip flops
  • same santa socks
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • notepads
  • a ball game
  • a frisbee
  • a squeezy ball
  • a stuffed dog
  • a lunch tote

I admit I did very little of the hair bands, and bows and stuffed toys this year, I wanted to do more but it kind of snuck up on me.

I did get the two boxes paid for and dropped at the church, so that was FUN.

Admittedly, I tooled up in my little electric prius, not the biker look at all. I did the donation online, and I can not wait to find out where my boxes go this year.  Last year I just sent them from a packing party and I missed knowing where my “stuff” had ended up.

Moving right along I went into Office Depot to get a flash drive, because I lost mine and my work life is impossible without one.

I noted they have gift cards.

Apple Ap store gift card picked up.  It will go for the troops that are in Afghanistan.  Nope, I do not at all agree with military action, but…I do believe that there is that of God in everyone.  That includes the troops.

Iraq Honeycrisp Circle

So I am excited to send that directly off on Monday.  I intended to do handmade ornaments and such, but really time is of the essence for this sort of thing.

Tonight I am headed to church…and I have a fairly big bag of groceries for the food drive going on there.  It includes some of the overbought Operation Christmas Child stuff, some extra soaps, and candies.

So, how is it going?  well, it seems to be rolling right along.  and how do I feel?  well I had been quite sad.  I am starting to feel more human.

When in doubt, reach out.


4 thoughts on “Give this Christmas Away….

  1. The things you chose for your Christmas boxes sound both practical and fun. I’m sure any girl, teen or younger, will enjoy those gifts.

    Someone told me flipflops are really appreciated in tropical countries. I’m not a fan of them myself—too many times where I got the sole caught on an escalator, plus they provide no support for my too-high arches.. But I can see how, in a place where shoes are expensive, they can be an economical alternative, especially for a growing child. So now, when I see flipflops selling at a dollar store, I’ll grab a child’s pair and take them to a church that sends donations to Guatemala.

    But it is true. When you’re down, it helps a lot to reach out and help others.

    • In my experience almost everyone in third world countries wear flip flops or nothing, so while I do not wear them much either, I figure for a 8 yr old, it will be great. I just kind of hope that my box does not go to Romania. THough I do know…these Operation Christmas Child boxes are distributed year round, not just at Christmas, so it’s possible that the kids in Romania would get the boxes in summer.

  2. I commend you on your efforts in all areas. You took action, to give… the items are just wonderful. The biker video was great. Now, feel a hug from this reader and experience joy, and love all through this Christmas season. Thank you!

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