Some positive things…

So yeah. My training for the end of 2013 is a wash.



I have been struggling with this.  Training keeps me sane.  It makes me happy.  Screwing up what was a halcyon season really just made me feel sort of wistful…especially because the volume of training I was doing was kind of dominating everything else.

So, today was super duper nice for a variety of reasons.

I have been making some power point slides as part of my job.  I was asked to prepare some for a End of Year report for the Board of Directors.  So I did this…

EWUMine was less complicated.  After sending it out, I got a complimentary email from the Chief Nursing Officer.  I kind of thought, ok thats good.

Today…I got an email from her asking if I could assist her with making a powerpoint slide to show correlation of other data.  That’s when I knew she really was pleased.  I felt fantastic.  I don’t get a ton of kudos in my job, and it’s kind of a drag to scold physicians for not washing their stupid hands, so this was nice.  It is especially nice to be recognized by someone who has some authority.

Fast Forward the day ahead to 11:30. I get a call back that a patient has a contagious disease that is reportable to the health department, and one the health dept is very interested in.  I make a phone call…send several emails alerting people of the exposure, and go to talk to the patient.  The patient and I talk for some time…the health department comes, we cover all the bases.  As all this is going on, I see my mid level boos in the hall way, she gets a few radiographs copied for me…and goes on her way.  She continues to ask me “How can I help you?”  Since I’ve already called the Department of Health, and alerted the appropriate people…there is nothing she can do, expect pick up the films.  I thanked her for doing that profusely, because it was well beneath her normal job duties. She also told me to use as much overtime as was needed.  Crazy.  I did use about 1.5 hours to cover some basics.

Walked the Department of Health lady to the door and we were discussing different personalities in the department and such and she broke out with, “But you…you are great to work with because you have a fantastic personality.”  Wow.  That is a great compliment.  She is pretty awesome herself.

I made it over to the CNO’s office to provide power point help and I was actually able to do that.  WAHOOO.  So she was pleased.

As I was waiting to see her…well…the other half of the health department called…(this is a big deal disease).  The Epidemiologist said, well, I really just wanted to commend you for your rapid actions in regard to this situation.  So WOW.

Now. lets heal this hip so my swollen work head can get small with training!




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