Let’s do some updates.

December is starting out kinda rough for me.

To begin with…I have no holiday plans.  I really want to go home and see my family, but I part of me is holding back from making the effort, it can be so rushed and tiring.  I usually enjoy it though. So I need to think on that. I felt like I really wanted to be at home at Thanksgiving, but of course that was after viewing cute family photos.  I know my sister was sick, and I would have ended up parenting her kids…and I would not have enjoyed that.  

Work is going well.

I need to start studying in ernest for the Certification exam.  I had kind of put it off because I wanted to run the Marathon December 29th and then start during recovery.  Now, with the injuries: No Marathon.  No Recovery.  I do still have to study though.

Also have end of year stuff coming up that isn’t that fun, so Nose to grindstone.


At least I am less stressed out about work compared to last year.  This year at work has actually had a lot more challenges than last year.  Luckily I’ve figured out how to deal with them a bit better.  


Training.  Well.  My adductor is HEALED.  WAHOO.

It’s pretty awesome to be able to move and do stuff like put on pants without having to debate it or end up in agony.

The down side.   I gained about 5 pounds.  AND…I lost quite a bit of running fitness.  I still have endurance, but I really can not seem to accelerate when running.  I can plod along, but try to accelerate….and I feel the pain. And I actually don’t get much faster.  Not looking forward to building the 800’s speed work again.

I have a meeting with the coach man this week.  He told me not to think about racing, but of course I kind of am looking.  Every time I get an email telling me that race entry is open on a web site, I want to run that race.  It’s taking a bit of an effort to hold back.  I actually do not want to run half of what I think I do. 

Even though it isn’t on the “plan” I am doing a plank challenge with some friends.  Here we are all at the Space Coast Marathon on December 1, Starting our plank challenge….SO theres that.  I’m the one in the yellow that is a girl there on the far left.  Very proud to say we are a very ethnic and international group of Plankers.  Several countries represented (USA, England, Brasil)

1450172_10202137026054525_2091970124_nSo we’ll see.  I am eagerly awaiting 2014 season.  I think If we start slowly and rebuild strong, I might have the Halcyon Season that I was expecting this year.  It’s a lot of hard work, for a few little results.  We shall see.  I am antcy for a plan, and my coach, being the relaxed guy that he is, is more anxious to see me totally healed,.  And this is WHY I HAVE A COACH.  Because I am bull headed person who would, as he says, “wear the horns off a billy goat”  He has helped me see a bigger picture.  Today I totally skipped my 1 mile run.  My back is still kind of messed up from this weekend.  I had good massage, but it did not entirely fix it.  I do like the new massage therapist.  He’s so different and much easier to work with.  

“Give this Christmas Away”  is progressing.  My Mother is awesome and each year provides us with an electronic advent calendar.  As a child my sister and I had usually SEVERAL advent calendars in play, and we loved opening the little doors daily.  

papadventcalendars23-12b-okIt occurred to me yesterday that a friend’s child who is in hospital might also enjoy the electronic version.  With my Mom’s help, I was able to send the family one.  I hope they enjoy it. My bigger hope is that they have the time to get it activated, and that they can use it to entertain him.  Given circumstances I expect not to hear anything, and I would hope they would not feel stresssed to try to reply.  

The local kids toy drive drop off opened at the Gym today, I was SOOOO excited!!!!  

I have a bunch of things that have been collecting in the house.  A few Barbie Dolls, some clothes for said Barbie Dolls, an art set, and some tennis balls, and such.  So I will be dropping that off tomorrow!  

I think as soon as I get through some of this work at work, and get on a study schedule…as well as a focused training schedule, I’m going to start to feel great!



3 thoughts on “Let’s do some updates.

  1. I have plans for the holidays, but I’m thinking, now that I’m on my own, of joining a church where there is a lot of music, specifically Christmas music. I miss that from the days I was a member of an Episcopalian church. The superficial part of Christmas—buying gifts, decorating the house, cookie exchanges, holiday parties—doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I want the holiday without the stress and family strife, and at least for the moment, I’ve shed the latter. 🙂

    I think you can be forgiven for gaining five pounds, especially since it’s the season to gain. Every time I go someplace, there are holiday treats set out, and it would be rude not to take one…and my kids have asked me to bring their favorite chocolates and other Christmas goodies when we get together. (Gotta sample to make sure everything tastes right, lol.)

    Be kind to yourself. You do need time to heal and get back to where you were before.

  2. First: My adductor is HEALED – I read my ABDUCTOR is healed. That is obviously a whole ‘nother story!

    Go home – Christmas is all about Family, and you never know, some may not be there next year.

    • Ha ha ha ha! Very thankful I do not have an Abductor story! Indeed on Christmas, I need to make plans. You have really made the salient point. and it may not be the elderly bunch that’s not around next year, the way life is…..

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