Give this Christmas Away

Today My back feels somewhat improved.  It’s no longer spasming, but just sore and it feels, if you will, fragile.



That said, I think I can manage to haul in the goodies I have acquired for the local kids toy drive…



I managed to accumulate quite a bit here and there. Mostly small stuff, but some good videos, the ever loved Hot Wheels cars and Barbie.  The stuffed doggies were on sale and I had originally intended them for the Operation Christmas Child Boxes.  They did not fit.  Instead of saving them through the year, I decided to just donate them locally…So…I’ll be dropping them off today at the local toy drive collection box at our gym.  I was thinking of getting more stuff yesterday, but then I remembered, December has been a very expensive month for me.

In December, I always have to pay for car insurance.  I also just bought a plane ticket for Christmas which was of course, outrageously expensive.  (We couldn’t decide where Christmas would happen this year, so I had to wait until we made up our minds.)  In addition, there have been several expenses associated with my low back injury.  Some very overt (extra massage session, prescriptions, lost work time) and some covert (Having to buy the smaller item for things like dog food and laundry detergent because I can’t carry the large one).  And of course the gifting of people I actually know. Plus it seems to be the month of purchasing new clothing for work (desperately needed), new running shoes, and such.  While that was all obtained via sale, it still is an expense.  So as much as I’d really like to fill that toy drive box with basketballs, and softballs, I am going to refrain from going crazy.

The only things left that I have for Give this Christmas away are my VISA gift card and the pass for Disney.  Going to give that over to my coach, for his family that is grieving, unless he wants me to wait until I get the second pass in February.

Next up, New Years Resolutions.  All this couch time with my back has surely given me time to reflect and ponder!


3 thoughts on “Give this Christmas Away

  1. I’m glad you’re giving to others in spite of all the money you’ve had to spend your health needs. I see people spending a ton of money on luxury items for themselves or their own family, then say they can’t afford to donate to charities this year. (My family *cough*) I’m giving small amounts of cash when I can, and canned goods to our local food bank, which has been running low all this fall. Giving makes me feel like it’s Christmas, even though I’m forgoing the decorations and a tree this year.

    Hope your back feels better. Physical pain can be very draining, of physical and emotional energy.

    • Thanks Hangaku! It really is improving, and doing some small things for others really helps me out of myself. I think it adds to my feeling of worth in this world. I might not do much, but I know I’ve paved the path for someone else in a small way.

      Don’t totally forgo decor this year! I suggest getting some popcorn and stringing it! Cheap and you can feed the birds!

  2. Ouch about your back! I hope it continues to improve. Back injuries can be dicey things.
    I participated in Project Ornament this year and was assigned an 11 yr old girl living in a shelter. Her wish list consisted only of clothes which made me feel sad even though I know that it is difficult to have items/toys in a shelter. I included some nice toiletries to make the package seem more special.

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