So about the New Year

I’ve really been thinking on 2014 A LOT.

I actually had all these little goals wrapped into big goals, kind of one of those conundrums, wrapped in enigma, cloaked in mystery….Ha ha ha ha!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I realized that most of these goals fit together, like pieces in a kaleidoscope, under two biggies.

One “Goal” if you will is a MUST.  I need to study for and pass the certification exam for Infection Prevention in Hospitals.  I’ve started to get the studying done and I think I will be fine.  I have a friend taking the exam in December, so I am sure she will give me insight.  SO that’s my big career goal.

I took a 15 question test on some of the material that I have not covered yet.  I got about 55%.  The questions range from the best way to detect Mycoplasma, how to manage an exposure to infectious agents, how to manage construction in a hospital, biological testing, and reporting regulations.  So some of this I am very strong on, some is like learning one of the many languages of India.  Today I worked on some flash cards.  I think I am going to try to devote about 10 minutes of work time each day to the flash cards.  It is of no benefit to me personally to know about Dark field Microscopy, so…I figure I can get paid to learn.  We’ll see. I hope to get this over with by April 2014.

My big personal goal is to PR in the marathon and qualify for Comrades.  I was casting around a bit.  My goal in 2013 was to run a qualifying time and then just work on honing that.  Well.  That did not happen at all.

What did I do in the last 12 months?

I ran a PR in the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.  I just didn’t quite get fast enough for Comrades qualification.  SO really was it a bad year?  Nah.  I got to run in Florida, Utah, Ohio, Michigan.  I had some great experiences and some not so hot ones.  I learned that my most fun race was not my fastest.  I spent loads of time with friends, and met new ones.

I was casting about trying to see if I might be ready to run a qualifier by March 2014 when I got an email from the Race Director of the PA Grand Canyon Marathon, which I had deferred from last year.  What interesting timing.  After thinking about it a bit…I just kind of knew.  I’m not going to be really ready in March.  I might be, yeah, but given that I’ve now missed about 3 weeks of serious training, I’m kind of if you will, SOFT.

$T2eC16JHJHEFFl1d5l,JBR)QFFmViQ~~60_35My coach and I talked this week about how living in Florida creates a Year round “season”  for running, and that sometimes it is best to force a season and slow down for a few weeks, which is kind of what the recent spate of injuries has created.  I do feel more rested and a bit more interested in training.  (of course it’s easy to complain and say, “I wanna run hard”  when one knows there is no possibility of that.)

Of course the PA Grand Canyon Marathon course is kind of a special one.

3faa8b0c15d0672da2a5627054748471So this is not going to be a picnic.  I admit I kind of like “rollers” but these look more like roller coasters.  It’s going to require some specific training.  Whew.  I admit though I am kind of excited too.  Running a flat course is par for the course in Florida.  It’s lovely, but..sometimes running a tough one can teach more lessons.

So those are the two goals.

For the Career goal, I really just need to study.  The running goal, is gonna be tougher and require more small efforts building on bigger ones.  Diet must improve, speed work must occur, etc etc etc.

Third goal…



3 thoughts on “So about the New Year

  1. A runner here in CA said the same thing to me: you don’t get a break like runners who live in places like the Midwest, where you get a ‘real’ winter that makes it hard if not impossible to run outdoors. I will say we’re now having weather very close to a real winter—it doesn’t seem that bad to this former Minnesotan, though seeing ice on my car’s windshield over the weekend was kind of a shock. I do see people running in the local park however. It doesn’t look pleasant, though I suppose with the dry sidewalks and sunshine, it’s not bad for a brisk run.

    Good luck on the test! I have to pass the California Basic Education Standards Test in order to substitute teach here. I’m scheduled to take it in January, so I don’t have very long to study for it. I just ordered a study guide for it, but I’m generally not a good tester. I’d rather take a certification class and pass it than struggle for three hours with multiple choice!

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