Bah Humbug

I seriously am starting to actually dislike this season a lot.

Do I dislike carollers?

No Not really…

Is it Santa that I dislike?

Micheal Pless, dressed in a Santa wetsuiNo….In fact, I love all the cool stuff about the holiday season!  Christmas Cookies!  Bring em on (especially fudge, which technically is not a cookie, whatever!).  Christmas Cards…ok…well I do not send them anymore.  Holiday specials, especially the older ones, sure!

What I’m not liking is the actual MONEY involved in this holiday, and the rather abrupt nature of it. Everything MUST occur by DeCEMber 25th, or of course it is somehow less special.

So… I spend a rather outrageous amount of money on a plane ticket.

I signed up to be a Daily Mile Secret Santa, in retrospect this was an added expense and stress I didn’t need even though I am very excited about my person and the gift I got them…

After that I realize I have to board the dog.  By the time I call my regular place..well…they have a waiting list.  So I have to board the dog at a place called “Fur and Feathers”  where they offer my dog “TV viewing time”  (really?  really?  they want me to pay extra for that.) Once I make the reservation, I call to have the wonder dogs vaccine record sent.  Wonder dog…well he is not up to date on his vaccines.

So Saturday…I get to go and get him vaccinated. Yay.  More Money out the door, plus the joy of wrestling the sweet overgrown baby into the bathtub tonight, and then into the car tomorrow.

Sunday I must spend the day packing and trying to be sure I have done the entire holiday thing. because there will be no time on Monday

Monday I am going to go to work for 3 hours.  I had the sense to schedule a massage and such right after the 3 hours work day.  Post massage, must wrestle the sweet puppy over to the posh boarding experience.  Maybe have time for a workout…maybe (please) and then get myself to the airport for a 7:45 pm flight.  Yahoo.




And not even very serious first world problems.

In December, my car insurance was due, I double paid on my car payment, which in retrospect was a HUGE error in financial planning…. I got notice that last night within hours of my paycheck being electronically deposited in my bank account (literally 3 hours)  my account overdrafted 37.00  (My nephews Xmas Wii games).  I should have waited, but I just so wanted to get that out of the way.  I have never overdrafted and I paid for it, a bit with the overdraft protection. I just feel rather irritated.  Thank goodness my coach actually wouldn’t take the money I wanted to pay him, apparently I needed it.  Money isn’t what Christmas is about.  Rushing around feeling stressed about things isn’t what Christmas is about.

Christmas for me boils down to one thing.

nativity440This is a time to really celebrate, if you are a Christian. I mean, before Jesus came there was really no way to be redeemed.  Without this Savior…well…humankind was kind of doomed.  I mean doomed.  So even though Easter is the Holiday of all Holidays, I love to celebrate that Jesus was born. (And yes, I know it may not have been on December 25th.  I know all about the pagan Christmas tree tradition.  I choose to just simply celebrate the things that I know are true and not get all worried about where a tree tradition came from. A decorated tree can celebrate all sorts of things, and if I put one up that in my mind represents the giant crazy star that was seen for miles and miles at the time of the birth, well then it’s hardly a pagan tree, even if that is where the tradition came from.)

It is also a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy.

I do hope I find some enjoyment in all of this SOON!




4 thoughts on “Bah Humbug

  1. I hear ya on the money part. I promised myself I would keep to a budget this year, but I bought all these “little” Christmas presents for friends and people I wanted to thank for all they did for me this past year, and after awhile, they began add up…and up.

    I also wanted to attend Christmas Eve service at the church I began going to this month, but I’ll be in New York that night. My kids aren’t church goers, so if I wanted to attend service in New York, I’d be on my own. I usually don’t have a problem with that, but I want to be with family that night. I’ll just have to keep my own counsel, as they say in the Gospel, and be present that night in heart if not in body. Hope you have a good Christmas and an enjoyable holiday with your family!

    • I’m glad you get to go to NY for family time!!! Seeing your Grandchild will be wonderful and fun for you. I know how this CHristmassy time of year goes, just crazy. I have forgotten though I got a small Christmas bonus which made up for the time lost for my back injury. And I get a small referral bonus for referring my friend to work at our little hospital. Enjoy your time in NYC. When do you start the teacher type position?

      • *sigh* I start maybe in February? For some reason, they’ve been having trouble with my fingerprint scans—apparently, I don’t have any fingerprints. The person in charge of background checks for employees said she’ll have to do a “manual check,” which takes a lot longer. And oh, the school offices are closed for two weeks now…. So until then, no work.

        I think I have something else coming up. I’ll have to update my own bloggie before I take off for NYC. Happy Holidays!

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