End of year letter.

Don’t you hate when you get those Cheesy, Braggardly Holiday letters? Inspired by the Boston Globe, I’ve written one…complete with my own snarky commentary. I hope it will inspire you to write your own as well!

30 weeks of Marathon training.

I’ve never been one for those Christmas letters that people tuck into Christmas cards.  Not being married and without children, I surely do not want to recite who all I dated all year…you know..that just isn’t want the Holiday letter is about.

But, THIS ARTICLE….from the Boston Globe has kind of inspired me to do one for the Blog this year.  Complete with appropriate commentary…

So MG’s first ever Christmas letter!  I would be curious to hear what your Christmas letter might contain!

Dear readers (all 3 of you!)

Well another year is drawing to a close.  This one has been full of interesting and exciting experiences!

In 2012, I transitioned from my job as an Emergency Department RN to the Infection Preventionist at our local community hospital.  In 2013 I continued the transition.  It’s quite a change and a challenge (read:  this new job is fascinating but an…

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One thought on “End of year letter.

  1. I like yours, complete with the side commentaries. It sounds like a very busy year, actually your life sounds busy! Let me know if you move to DC with your Certification in Infection Control – I promise to wash my hands before visiting

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