And So This is (Was) Christmas.


Like many people, Christmas just was not quite as wonderful as I imagined it. The weather was colder than I would have liked and there was no added bonus of Snowy beauty.

Firstly, this is the week when I would have been running my crowning achievement, the Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  I got injured, and have been struggling to just get back running.  So, underneath it all perhaps there was a current of disappointment on my end.  But honestly, I had forgotten it was that weekend until a friend posted she was getting on an airplane to come to Florida for the race.  So unless this was buried in my subconsciousness….

It was atypical Family Drama filled Christmas, mostly orchestrated by my sister.  What’s funny (in both a ha ha and an “oh that’s curious”  way)  is that this has played out multiple times over the years. This time both my Mother and I became aggravated, and both of us wanted to leave and return to our respective homes.

Funny thing is…I like my BIL and his family- so I have never minded going up there.  I do not mind spending time with my nephews, though I do mind endless games of Monopoly and Life in which there are a few cheater cheater pumpkin eaters.  We all played a game Blokus  which turned out to be more fun than I would have imagined.  I built a model with my other Nephew and was actually intensely disappointed at how poorly it functioned…It was a Smithsonian Model for heavens sake.  I definitely learned something about kids models.

So….by about 6 pm Christmas night, I had had it!  You know the saying…

“If one man calls you an ass, pay him no mind. If two men call you an ass, go buy a saddle.”
-Yiddish proverb

Well.  So many people have pointed out to her that she is being donkey-ish…but she refuses to see it.  I think one moment that really amazed me..

MG: I hope your husbands gift from me arrives.  It’s a cookbook that was recommended by a friend of mine who really knows the business.

MG’s Sister:  “I’m sure you have lots of friends MG (said in a patronizing fashion).  Continues to talk about self”

Side Note:  My BIL was thrilled with the particular book I had chosen (H/T to my friend.)  He was surprised, as I care not for cooking, but that book, was so delightfully perfect- all due to me describing BIL to my friend who knows cooking and books.  This is after all, what makes a great gift…I aught him thumbing through it and sort of pointing to a few different recipes…this made me feel great.

So what’s my key lesson…. While I might have felt the draw of family…I really do not need to do this ever again.  It’s a little sad indeed, as my BIL has taken up running and is doing quite well at it…he will soon surpass me in speed.  I sure would have liked to spend more time with him doing that activity that we enjoy.

But I am comforted to know actually that this theme has occurred over and over again at multiple households in many countries over the holidays.

Next year, if we do the holidays at my parents home, I may arrive a few days early, overlap one day with them, and just go home. If it is at her home, I think I’ll have to find an excuse… The expense of such a trip is noted by my dwindling bank account.

Despite what was a very kind of not so pleasant holiday, I am just quite excited at the promise of a New 2014.  It’s a big year for me in training and work.  My Main project today (After I pick up the dog at the Boarding Place) will be to get the house clean and ready for 2014 and organized so that I am set up to succeed.  I’m going to get all sorts of clothing pressed, and ironed and set up a Study Zone for my exam preparation.

The only concern I have is that I seem to have a lingering semi-healed right hamstring/piriformis issue….It’s way better now that I’m not in the cold, but…It just sits in the back of my mind…giving me a low level of anxiety.

So How was everyone’s Holidays?  Anyone travel far?  How was family?  Anyone get a wonderful and awesome gift?

While I am glad the Holiday Season is over…for so many reasons, I am glad that I was able to get out and give some of myself this year.  I am also grateful that I have somewhere to go over the holidays where I am welcomed, and that I do not, like this person, have to contemplate Renting parents… I am really delighted though, to just be looking forward to several months of complex and difficult planning at work, and also some months of building fitness at the gym.

2013 wasn’t exactly how I imagined it, and I guess 2014 will hold it’s own highs and lows, and odd little quirks, but I’m ready to start.  WHo knows what can occur in 2014?


One thought on “And So This is (Was) Christmas.

  1. I’m just catching up on everyone’s WP posts, but the theme that runs through most of them seems to be that your enjoyment of the holidays is equal to how much one enjoys being with certain family members. Your sister sounds a bit like mine, except my sister does the passive-aggressive thing where she MIGHT agree to make things easier or nicer for others, but will act hurt and put upon for the rest of the day. If for whatever reason things don’t work out, she’ll huff, “Well, don’t say this is MY fault….” LOL! I’m so glad I didn’t spend any time with her or my other relatives here in town. I have issues with my kids, but not enough that I want to create drama over the holidays. They and I have come to a point where we all agree to disagree. We will always be a united front, more so now that my grandson, another generation, has been added to the family. And I am so grateful for that, and for him.

    I hope your New Year is much calmer and happier than Christmas with your sister. You’re right, we all have one person like that in our families. I guess the dilemma is, you want to spend the holidays with your family, but you don’t want to spend a fortune traveling and buying gifts just to end up squabbling over petty stuff with That One Person. I know people who refuse to have anything to do with their families over issues like this, and the result is that they either spend Christmas alone or with friends. It’s fine to celebrate the holidays with people you love and who love you back, no matter what the relationship: but there is that tradition, and all the memories we have of Christmas spent with family. Those are hard to overlook and can be very painful to confront. I hope next year you can work it out with your parents and maybe your sister? ((Hugs)) for you!

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